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Three coordinates of guide rail and bearing structure - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Gas floating guide 1. The role of the guide rail, is the key to ensure smooth machine, high precision motion. 2. Guide rail type: 1) Gas floating guide rail (2) Linear ball guide 3. Gas floating guide practice: 1) Rectangular guide rail (2) Triangle rail (3) Dovetail type guide 1. Gas float guiding principle: gas floating guide rail is the core of air bearing. Using air bearing holes r1 high pressure P0, throttling, gas cavity in the guide rail and air bearing bearing capacity and rigidity of thin film is formed between h. 2. The performance of the air bearing with requirements: bearing capacity, bearing rigidity ( Air bearing clearance every changes of carrying capacity of a micron) , gas consumption, air vibration resistance. For high precision measurement machine, air bearing clearance and the stability of the gas chamber pressure is very important. Advantages of air-float guide: without friction and wear characteristics, due to uniformly bad effect, the movement of local straightness and swing Angle can be small, high precision of measuring machine adopts gas floating in general. Linear ball guide 1. USES the advantages of linear ball guide: save a full set of compressed air equipment and pneumatic control components, low cost, suitable for the application without air environment; Good rigidity, bearing capacity is strong; Than a simple ball bearing, is influenced by individual ball defects and have bad effect 2. Using linear ball guide drawback: due to steel ball and the guide rail, the structure of the measuring machine is a bit low precision, large friction; Find another is its installation and adjustment of the influence of the performance of the whole machine is larger.
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