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The latest practice of BMW 3 series sedan exposure, bearing distance than Mercedes c-class - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
BMW 3 series is inside the commodity brand's movement in the middle of the model car, with a very colorful movement power performance and operation control special properties, obtained a lot of consumers like, network violence out of the above the actual car figure of the new car, new car external appearance with large area of two forms of kidney grille. Cooperate with both sides blackened the color of the LED lamps, very is to identify the degree of recognition. The car tail modelling is very movement, at the same time on both sides of the LED light source tail light USES the latest design, in addition to this, the latest version of the bearing distance increases the 41 mm, more than is now selling Mercedes C class. The latest version of the front face two forms of kidney grille area and some increase, on both sides of the redesigned blackened form sharp head lights combination model is also very strong, the inside parts using the LED light source, the overall identification recognition degree is very high; Gears to cover lines above and harsh toward the middle, full of the feeling of power. In front of danger to protect car thick stick design is movement. Used about the same LED fog lights on both sides of the area into the gas hole of modelling design, more obvious the radical, in addition to this aspect, the car on the side lines stereo sense is very strong, the side Windows and you can see behind the mirror used black color adornment to adorn, have the feeling of movement. The modelling of the tail is also very clear edges and corners, on both sides of the LED light source USES the latest design, the overall looks like rick put some similar, use the new car at the bottom of the quality of the material is not the same as the car body design, both sides with aerodynamic modelling, match with below two side son of two rectangular tail emissions, for the whole car increases the movement of the breath. External appearance can choose to install the new cars logo recognition, side window decoration article, disrupt the flow of the back board, discharge of tail gas pipe, into many functions such as gas grill. According to have data show, the length of the new car has reached 4829 mm, width 1827 mm, height 1463 mm. The distance between the front and rear bearing has reached 2961 mm, with the same level compared Mercedes sedan type C grade, length and width and height of the new cars between bearing and has certain advantages, in terms of power, paired with the new car model is 2. 0 t increase pressure turbine gasoline-powered machine, one of the largest power has reached 135 kilowatts. Many friends said this is an extended version of BMW or open BMW before? After seems to become a driving a Mercedes and sat mercedes-benz, are looking forward to, but also some think before is because after its size is small, the city is better parking inside, but now is lengthened.
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