The influence of the viscosity of IKO rolling mill bearing grease analysis - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Physical activity within a measure of the friction force is called viscosity, in order to prevent the contact area between the wear parts, rolling mill bearing lubricating oil must have enough viscosity, viscosity values by the rise of temperature. Viscosity evaluation IKO bearing lubricating oil quality is an important function of the physical and chemical indicators, to produce, transport and use has important significance. Is the main technique index bearing lubricating oil viscosity, but shall not be higher than IKO bearing lubricating oil viscosity affects hair idea start level, the vast majority of the bearing lubricating oil viscosity is according to its to brand of, is the main basis that all sorts of equipment choose oil viscosity. Viscosity measurement method of divided into two categories: absolute viscosity and relative viscosity. Absolute viscosity can be divided into dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity of two; Relative viscosity kind's viscosity, saybolt said several methods, such as viscosity and viscosity redwood. Use stick through the large mill bearing lubricating oil will increase the wear and tear of parts, in actual application, choose appropriate viscosity lubricating oil, can ensure the normal order of the mechanical equipment, work reliably. Usually, low speed high load applications, choose larger oil viscosity, to ensure adequate oil film thickness and normal lubrication; The applications of high speed low load and selection of smaller oil viscosity, mechanical equipment to ensure the normal starting and running torque, hair idea lubricating oil stick through the large, slow, slow high, oil pressure is high, but lubricating oil through a matter, can't timely supplement to the friction surface, under the precondition of continuous running of friction is minimal. Because of rolling mill bearing grease slow cycle, through the bearing lubricating oil filter the number of times, less difficult to chip will wear off in time at the end of the metal, carbon particles, dust cleaning out of the friction surface. Because in the operation of the lubricating oil viscosity, part increases the friction between the friction surface, in order to overcome the friction, which increase more fuel consumption, but also reduces the idea of power output. IKO bearing lubricating oil viscosity, oil cycle speed is slow, the cooling and heat dissipation effect is bad, make the hair idea easily overheat. Small so that under the different operating temperature, the temperature can form the oil film between the movement parts. Therefore, do not use stick through the big idea lubricating oil, can't even think that the greater the viscosity, the better. On the premise of guarantee the lubrication, according to the temperature range, when used as far as possible choose low viscosity lubricating oil. But to wear is more severe, clearance has larger idea, can choose a larger lubricant viscosity appropriately.
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