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Rolling bearing axial fixed - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Fixed method of rolling bearing is more, today introduced the most commonly used method, after all the design are also adopts the most commonly used method. Methods: the tighten tighten 1 inner ring and outer ring fastening method 1: shaft with elastic ring shaft with elastic ring clamp shaft with elastic ring embedded in the shaft inside the groove. Mainly used for deep groove ball bearings. 2 inner ring clamp method 2: shaft end ring clamp shaft end ring fastening screw shaft end ring, can bear big axial load under high speed. 3 inner ring clamp method 3: use a round nut fastening round nut fastening is mainly used in high speed, axial load situation. 4 outer fastening method 1: retaining ring axial axial fastener tighten retaining ring embedded in the shell the hole with elastic ring inside the groove, used for radial bearings, not when the axial force and is used when need to reduce the size of the bearing assembly. 5 outer fastening method 2: bearing end cover fastening bearing end cover clamp used in high speed and large axial force in all kinds of centripetal, thrust, and centripetal thrust bearing.
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