Pumps with mechanical seal installation and use of the knowledge of technical essentials - bearing must be considered

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Mechanical seal is widely used in various types of pumps. Mechanical seal is a kind of high precision sealing device, the installation and use conditions have certain requirements. 1, the general principles of the mechanical seal installation using ( 1) To understand the situation of the equipment, to understand the equipment shaft rotational speed and diameter of axle; Equipment manufacturing precision and sealed cavity dimensions, the service life of the device itself and the status of equipment in the production process to do comprehensive and balanced consideration. ( 2) To estimate the medium pressure. Pump seal chamber pressure generally not pump outlet pressure, but lower than the pump outlet pressure ( 3) Clear sealing medium. In order to understand the condition of sealing medium, is a gas or liquid, whether medium containing particles and particle condition; Understand the nature of the medium, temperature, so that the reasonable selection and cooling, washing, lubrication of the necessary measures. 2, mechanical seal installation using technical requirements ( 1) Installation of mechanical seal parts of the shaft or shaft sleeve of radial run-out tolerance. The surface roughness of the shaft or the shaft sleeve should comply with the technical requirements, outer diameter size tolerance for h6. ( 2) The shaft axial channeling momentum is not more than 0. 2mm。 ( 3) Sealed cavity end face run-out tolerance (on the surface of the shaft 4) Shaft or the shaft sleeve and seal cavity of end face have chamfer. ( 5) When the temperature of the medium to high, low, or impurity particles, inflammable, explosive, toxic, should adopt the corresponding resistance sealing, irrigation, cooling, filtering, and other measures. ( 6) For some mechanical seal by the spring drive must pay attention to the helical spring, namely the axis direction of rotation should be spring is more and more tight, otherwise it will cause the seal failure, the choice of spring to be determined by the following method: look from the static ring to ring, shaft clockwise rotation by right-lateral spring, on the other hand, choose a left-handed spring.
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