Prevent KOYO - bearing thrust ball bearing premature failure maintenance methods of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Need before checking surface cleaning machine, and then remove the KOYO bearing the perimeter of the parts. Oil seal is very fragile parts, the need to carefully remove, not excessive force, and then carefully check oil seal and its surrounding parts, if the present adverse symptoms, be sure to replace the bad oil seal will cause the damage of the imported bearing and severe equipment downtime. Check the lubricant, with little lubricant in friction between two fingers, and if the presence of pollutants, can feel that, or in the back with a thin layer of lubricant, then seal of inspection. Replacement of lubricants, oil lubrication KOYO bearing, after xie used motor oil impregnated with fresh oil and let the machine in low speed rotation for a few minutes. As far as possible make the oil collecting residual pollutants, then spilled oil in addition to these, the oil before use it's best to filter it. A, improper installation, Accounts for about 16%) 1, use brute force, when installation directly with a hammer percussion bearing of KOYO bearing damage; Is the main cause of deformation. 2, installation does not reach the designated position, install a deviation or failure to thrust ball bearing, bearing clearance is too small. Inside and outside the circle is not in the same center of rotation, resulting in different heart. Suggestion: select the appropriate or professional bearing installation tools, installed with a special instrument to detect. Second, the poor lubrication ( Accounts for about 50%) According to the survey, poor lubrication is KOYO bearing one of the leading causes of premature failure. Main reasons including: failure to refill lubricant or lubricating oil; Lubricant or lubricating oil filling in place; Lubricant or improper lubricant selection; Lubrication method is not correct, and so on. Suggestion: to select the correct lubricant or lubricating oil, use the correct lubrication filling way. Third, pollution, Accounts for about 14%) Pollution can also cause premature failure thrust ball bearing, pollution is refers to the dust, metal scraps into KOYO bearings inside. Main causes include: early to open the bearing packing before use, cause pollution; When installation work environment is not clean, cause pollution; Bearing of the working environment is not clean, working medium pollution, etc. Suggestion: before use it is best not to unpack the KOYO bearings; Keep the installation environment clean, when installation to use the bearing in cleaning; Thrust ball bearing sealing device. Four, fatigue, Accounts for about 34%) Fatigue damage is a common way of damaged bearing. Common fatigue failure reasons might be: KOYO bearing long-term overload operation; Not timely maintenance; Improper maintenance; Equipment bearing exposure to pollutants or moisture environment. If the job is interrupted, should with oil film, paper or similar material by machine. If don't have to remove and may perform inspection of cleaning without masking of bearing, to clean with brush with petroleum solvent coating, then dry with a lint-free cloth or with compressed air to blow dry, Be careful not to let the thrust ball bearing component starting rotation) 。
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