How to prolong the service life of three-phase asynchronous motor bearings? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Improper assembly, and poor sealing is the main cause of premature three-phase asynchronous motor bearing damaged. Bearing the actual and shorten service life. So in actual use, how can we extend the service life of bearing? Small make up just to tell you today. A, install and remove, 1) Mechanical, hydraulic, or heating method is used to make correct and effective bearing assembly. ( 2) Using a variety of professional engineering service a full range of tools and equipment, makes these tools simply, quickly and more multiple benefits. ( 3) Application of special tools and professional assembly technology, to realize the maximum extension machine running time. Second, the lubrication ( 1) Although you can install all kinds of 'maintenance' sealed bearing, 35 - of bearing early failure 36% is due to the technical application of the grease is incorrect and improper use. Any improper lubrication of the bearing is inevitably in the normal service life before failure in advance. ( 2) Because of the bearing is usually the most not easy loading and unloading machinery parts, often do not lubrication can be a problem. In cannot be achieved under the condition of artificial maintenance, automatic lubrication system to reach to the best effect of lubrication. As long as according to require the use of high quality grease, tools, and techniques for effective lubrication, will help to significantly reduce downtime. Three, anti-pollution bearing is high precision spare parts, if received bearings and grease contamination, will not be able to run efficiently. In addition, because already have grease injection of maintenance-free sealed bearing only are a small part of all bearings, so at least 15% of all the early failure of the bearing is caused by the problem of pollution. Four, fatigue prevention ( 1) To prevent the occurrence of overload, improper use or maintenance, motor bearings will be affected, lead to bearing failure in advance. ( 2) With condition monitoring equipment for testing and analysis, when bearing in improper maintenance or stress 'early warning', avoid sudden failure or unplanned.
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