To maintain IKO tapered roller bearing vibration test method of knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Maintain good bearings is the essential condition of tapered roller bearing operation, the commonly used maintenance is aimed at IKO bearing lubrication, in reading how to select the bearing lubrication method, under the premise that knowing bearing lubrication method, it is necessary to know about bearing system maintenance is also, let's look at how to make the bearing lubrication maintenance. 1. Keep the bearing lubrication clean inspection on tapered roller bearings shall be clean before bearing surface, and then carefully check bearing oil seal and its surrounding parts, if has presented the adverse symptoms, be sure to replace, and bad seal will cause damage, make IKO bearing cloud caused by abnormal equipment downtime. 2. Pay attention to cover exposed bearing inspection taper roller bearing don't let the noise of the bearing's exposure to pollutants or moisture environment. If the job is interrupted, should with oil film, paper or similar material by machine. If don't have to remove and may perform inspection of cleaning without masking of bearing, to clean with brush with petroleum solvent coating, then dry with a lint-free cloth or with compressed air to blow dry, Be careful not to let the bearing component starting rotation) 。 With a little mirror, and the probe used in the similar to the dentist to check IKO bearing the orbital plane, retainer and beads. Do not clean the encrypted block or dust bearing; You just wipe the outer surface. If the bearing is need to replace damaged situation. During regular maintenance downtime time replacement bearings than the array bearing damage of selected into a sudden stop loss is much more economical. 3. It is important to check the bearing lubricant lubricant is not only in view of the bearings, also for all of the bearings. Note, however, tapered roller bearing is unfavorable and overmuch grease. And then replace the bearing lubricant. Use after xie used engine oil, engine oil lubrication bearing if possible, should be impregnated with fresh oil and let the machine in low speed rotation for a few minutes. As far as possible make the oil collecting residual pollutants, and then purging in addition to the oil. And use of grease lubrication when IKO bearing replacing grease, Joe used in addition to the device should be avoided with any part of the cotton material come into contact with the bearing. Because these residues fiber may wedged in between the scroll and damage, especially the application of bearing more need to pay attention to this problem. The waviness on bearing ring of the self-contained parts or close coordination between the shaft and bearing ring with adjacent components are likely to match the shape and deformation. If there is a deformation, can produce vibration in the operation. Therefore, the bearing and the shaft are machined to the required tolerance is very important. Local damage due to the operation or installation errors, a small number of bearing raceway and rolling element may be damaged. In the running, rolled the damaged bearing parts will produce a certain vibration frequency. Vibration frequency analysis can identify the damaged bearing parts. The vibration behavior of applications in many applications, IKO bearing stiffness with the surrounding the stiffness of the same structure. Due to this feature, as long as the correct choice bearing ( Including the preload and clearance) And its application in the configuration, it is possible to reduce the application of vibration.
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