The production process of it is outlined

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Needle roller bearing consists of many varieties, such as one-way needle roller bearings, needle roller bearings, drawn cup cars needle roller bearing, etc. , even though each product is slightly different in the structure, produce detail also have different, but the general process is the same. We learn about the needle bearing yield program. Needle roller bearing technology is blank in the process of forming, of course, don't neglect before this also needs outstanding planning for bearing; And then to deal with the burr is blank, as a result of bearing products in progress, especially fine sexual about needle roller bearing, so must not this step. Then end the blank of needle bearing with Lin, this is an important step in producing procedures appropriate; Then to thick, thin, end mill roll surface, this is in order to be satisfied with some special requirements of bearing fruit; Is ultimately superfinishing roll surface polishing or sawdust. So the needle roller bearing is the basic shape, if the needle roller bearing processing in the process of blank, presented is not to insist on the scale, then it needs to add double end face grinding process. In accordance with the present skills, technological level, processing of bearing products in terms of needle roller bearing has achieved good results. Product before use, of course, about the needle roller bearing in terms of its load and function, all requirements of bearing test, ensure that can be used in the process of bearing always adhere to the excellent work condition, at the same time also can extend the service life of the products.
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