The effect after transforming roller bearing lubrication oil and gas - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Roller bearing lubrication oil and gas renovation, after a period of use, basically solved the existing problems in the original glycerol lubrication method, has obtained the good actual effect. 1, the lubrication effect is better, the lubrication efficiency is higher, in the case of lubricant is less a good lubrication effect, and compressed air to a certain extent reduce the bearing internal temperature, improve the service life of the bearing, greatly reduces the maintenance workload, the resulting downtime due to lubrication and reduce greatly, improve the production efficiency. 2, thin oil good liquidity and form the positive pressure of compressed air to prevent the oxidation of iron sheet attached, the bearing and the diameter of axle parts is quite clean, good lubrication, no oxidation iron stick. 3, compared with glycerin lubrication, oil and gas lubricating system to choose a wide range of oil viscosity, the oil quantity is little, high utilization rate of lubricating oil; Oil and gas lubricating system to produce less waste, easy recycling, cleaner environment. , glycerin and smooth, the scene is more clean, no oil accumulation, the more not fire occur. 5, oil and fuel injection frequency also need to adjust from the practice, in order to achieve the desired effect.
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