The bearing and fever, do how? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
High bearing temperature is common and harmful rotating equipment fault, will reduce the service life of bearing, increase the maintenance cost, when the temperature increases quickly, the temperature exceeds bid, the easily lead to not plan to stop or reduce the unit's load operation, which had a great influence on economic benefits. Therefore, determine the cause of the malfunction quickly, take proper measures to solve, is the equipment safe operation of the continuous support. A common cause of high bearing temperature caused by 1) Poor lubrication, such as insufficient lubrication or excessive lubrication, lubricating oil quality does not conform to the requirements, spoiled or debris; 2) Cooling is insufficient, such as pipeline jam, chooses inappropriate cooler, the cooling effect is poor; 3) Bearing abnormalities, such as bearing damage, bearing assembly process, the various parts of the bearing box clearance adjustment is not in conformity with the requirements; 4) Vibration is big, such as poor coupling alignment process does not conform to the requirements, the dynamic and static unbalance rotor, poor foundation rigidity and the anchor, rotating stall and surge. When the bearing temperature is high, should first solve the problem from the following several aspects: 1) Amount to inappropriate, lubricating grease too little or too much work shall, in accordance with the requirements for bearing box on a regular basis. Sometimes also can appear after bearing oiling the condition of high temperature, mainly oil too much. Then phenomenon of temperature rising continuously, after reach a certain point, Generally in higher than the normal operating temperature around 10 ℃ to 15 ℃) Will remain unchanged, and then gradually decline. 2) What bearing grease is not in conformity with the requirements or contaminated lubricating grease choose not appropriate, not easy to form homogeneous lubricating oil film, unable to reduce the bearing internal friction and wear, lubrication, bearing temperature rise. When different types of oil mixing, may occur chemical reaction, cause oil metamorphism, agglomerate, reduce the lubrication effect. Contaminated by oil will make bearing temperature, in the process of grease into the dust, causing oil pollution, lead to internal oil degradation damage bearing lubrication bearing box, temperature rise. So should choose suitable grease, maintenance and repair of bearing housing and bearing in cleaning, inspection gas pipeline dredge, different type of oil do not mix, if replacing other types of oils and fats, the original grease should be removed; Operation maintenance of regular grease, grease do moistureproof and dustproof measures should be properly kept. 3) Cooling is not check whether the pipeline is blocked, excessive oil temperature and return water temperature. If choose inappropriate cooler, cooling effect is poor, cannot satisfy the use requirement, should be replaced in a timely manner or tied for installing new cooler. Axial flow fan should also check the core insulation and sealing. 4) Confirm there is no check coupling alignment after the above issues and bearing coupling find was about to comply with technology standards. In axial flow fan, hydraulic coupler and so on should also be considered for timing the expansion of the heated issues in the operation of the equipment. The induced draft fan impeller side due to heat expansion, bearing box increases; Temperature bearing box expansion in the operation of hydraulic coupling, bearing, so look for timing motor, the reserved amount according to the size of the temperature parameters of the equipment features and operation. Bearing inspection mainly include the following: 1) During the disintegration of the quality of the bearing bearing box, first of all, check whether lubricating grease are deteriorating, agglomerate, impurities such as adverse situation, it is the important basis of reason judge bearing damage. Second, check the bearing have chewed and wear; Check the bearing inner and outer ring, rolling body, maintains its smoothness and presence of cracks on the surface of the discoloration, rust, peeling, pits, overheating defects, such as excessive measuring bearing clearance; Look for wear, pit shaft sleeve, peeling, if there is more than a new bearing should be replaced. 2) Bearing with the bearing installation bearing inside diameter and shaft, with the outer diameter and the shell is very important, when cooperate with too loose, mating surface will produce relatively sliding as the creep. Once produced to wear matching surface, creep damage of shaft or housing, and wear into the bearing internal powder and fever, vibration and damage. Interference is too big, can lead to small outer diameter or inner circle diameter, reducing the bearing internal clearance. To choose the suitable for use with, want to consider the nature of bearing load, size, temperature condition, the rotation of the inner ring outer condition factors. 3) Bearing parts fit clearance adjustment bearing clearance after hours, due to the shear friction loss in oil in the gap is too big, can also cause bearing heating, at the same time, the clearance after hours, oil amount decreased, too late to take away the heat generated by the friction, will further improve the bearing temperature rise. But the gap is too large will change the bearing dynamic characteristics of rotor caused by unstable operation. So the need for different devices and use choose to verify the condition of the bearing clearance.
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