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Release bearing aren't sound practice - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Release bearing ring, shows that the bearing has been short of oil and abrasion, short time problem is not big, after a long time, especially when you meet the traffic frequent use of clutch are likely to lead to bearing lock, can't separate, not more shift, suggest maintenance as soon as possible. 1 in many ways the release bearing sound reasons. Separation of internal bearing grease quantity too little, and ball bearing channel is insufficient lubrication, turn the sound; 2. Separation of bearing inner ring together with the tight, in bearings and clutch diaphragm spring contact, inner ring can't come with the spring rotation, causes the friction of bearing inner ring and diaphragm spring; 3. Lack of high bearing assembly ( Or the bearing inner ring subsidence after work for a long time) , cause bearing outer ring and diaphragm spring contact, friction thrum vision; 4. Release bearing internal cleanliness is poor, which leads to the rotating binding; 5. Separation clutch diaphragm spring is refers to is not in a plane, makes the bearing on the discontinuity and separation means when collision; 6, the last point is similar to point 3, diaphragm spring is after work time is long, elastic, separation invagination, bearing outer ring and separation refers to the friction, produce sound.
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