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How to choose the NSK bearings tolerance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
NSK bearings tolerance refers to the bearing parts processing after the dimension, form and position tolerances and the rotating precision of NSK bearings products. The tolerance of NSK bearings mainly divides into the centripetal bearing tolerance taper roller bearings, thrust bearing tolerance and tolerance. For high speed and high precision rotation mechanism, using 4, grade 2 bearing general class, for example, high precision gear grinding machine, precision coordinate of spindle bearing bed, aviation, high-speed photography main bearing, etc. For medium speed, and half of the rotation accuracy is not high gearing, choose a level 0 bearings, into the gearbox, the feed box of ordinary machine tool, automobiles, tractors, etc. For device, the rotation of the required high rotating speed and high precision of institutions, the class using 6, 5 bearing, for example, the common machine tool spindle bearing, level 5 commonly used the front bearing. Generally adopts the level 6, after bearing, precision machine tool spindle bearing with level 5, precision instrument, instrument bearing with the tolerance of 4 class above. Anyhow, the choice of bearing tolerance, depending on working condition and use requirements.
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