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Rolling bearing common faults and the reason analysis - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
1. Failure form ( 1) Bearing rotating difficulties, fever; ( 2) Bearing with different operation. ( 3) Bearing vibration; ( 4) Inner race peeling and cracking; ( 5) The outer race peeling and cracking; ( 6) Bearing raceway and rolling body produce indentation. 2. The cause of the problem analysis ( 1) Check carefully before assembly, bearing in the assembly before you clean and carefully inspect the bearing inner and outer race, rolling element and cage, if there is a rusting, burr, and crack that touch an injury; Check whether the bearing clearance is appropriate, whether the rotating light freely, without sudden card check phenomenon; At the same time, check the diameter of axle and bearing hole size, roundness and cylindricity and its surface any burr or concave and convex inequality. To the requirement of type bearing seat, bearing cover and the joint surface and outer race of bearing base between cylindrical surface, should be set aside 0. 1毫米~ 0。 25 mm clearance, in order to prevent the outside block on both sides of the 'tile edging' appear 'to help' phenomenon caused by gap decreases, and the wear is accelerated, the bearing premature failure. ( 2) Improper assembly. Improper assembly will lead to appear afore-mentioned A variety of bearing fault forms, as well as the following several ways: A. Improper fit bearing inner hole with the shaft with the use of hole system, the matching of the cylindrical bearings and bearing hole adopts the basic shaft system. Generally work under normal load conditions of the centrifugal pump, centrifuge, reducer, motor and centrifugal compressor shaft and bearing inner race, USES the j5, js5, js6, k5, k6, m6, bearing hole and bearing seat adopts j6, j7 to cooperate. Rotating seat ( Most of the bearing inner race for rotating seat, the seat is not for a rotating seat, a small number of bearing, on the other hand) , usually USES the interference fit, can avoid a seat under load effect on the diameter of axle and bearing hole of the rolling and sliding on the surface.
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