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How to open needle roller bearing

by:Waxing     2020-11-20
Method of how to disassemble the needle roller bearing on tapping force is usually to add in the bearing inner ring, shielding room tapping force should not be added in rolling bearing and insist on the rack, the method is simple, but easy to damage the bearing, when bearing, at the end of the shaft, use less than the copper rod of bearing inside diameter or other soft metal materials resist shaft end, lower bearing block, hammer percussion, quietly can be removed. Using this method should pay attention to the orientation of the block placed to appropriate, focus should be correct. Hot tear open method used for bearing apart close cooperation. To be heated to 100 ℃ at the mercy of the oil in oil pot pouring in to dismantle the bearing, after being bearing ring heated swell, can be used to pull pull the bearing. Push method with press thrust bearing, smooth operation, no damage to the machine and the bearing block rooms. Mechanical or hydraulic press with manual push, press push. Attention matters: press focus should be on the center of the shaft, shall not be partial pressure. Pull out the method to choose special puller, open, just rotate handle, bearing will be gradually. Disassemble the bearing outer ring, pull two foot corners should open to the outside; Broke open the bearing inner ring, two feet should inward, card on the bearing inner ring end face. A: on which function using auto water pump bearing materials should have under a: water pump bearings manufacturer to remind you the pump considerations related tags: needle bearing, related news what are the causes of needle roller bearing damage what is drawn cup needle roller bearing water pump bearings manufacturer of needle roller bearing damage reason what how to disassemble the needle roller bearing needle roller bearing device related products
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