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How grease inside the bearing work - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-07
Thickening agent is a network of soap fiber composition, functions as lubricating oil container. In areolar tissue space is filled with lubricating oil, much like holes in the sea is full of water. If a sponge will be squeezed, water will flow out, the oil will be like a sponge, due to squeeze the oil out, but the grease in the bearing seldom are squeezed oil discharge directly, because a new lubrication of bearings in timeliness, oil is on the internal space of the bearing. Grease oil discharge to the sliding surface caused by mechanical operation of the main reason is not all, but because of who I am around the bearing oil temperature rise. Enough oil to reach the sliding surface, the choice of grease, nature must be able to fit the bearing type and operating conditions. Some special requirements, for example, under the condition of vibration using bearing, grease if used in the mechanical stability is not enough, back to being thrown into or bearing, can cause the structure of the metallic soap collapse, destroy the grease.
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