High speed multistage centrifugal fan axis wear analysis - bearing knowledge at the site of the problem

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
This paper introduces a kind of about the speed of 2900 r/min Shi Bin Sally Spencer high-speed multistage centrifugal fan bearing wear site repair process, and analyzes reasons for fan wear, put forward the use f the blue & reg; Polymer composite materials with special tooling for on-site repair process, repair after the completion of the continuous tracking, use effect is good. 【 Keywords 】 The fan shaft wear; Fan; Bearing wear; Shi Binsha ( spencer) ; Site repair process; 1, equipment introduce multistage centrifugal fan for multi-stage, single suction and double support structure, the rotor, chassis, air inlet, outlet, bearing, seal, muffler, motor and control system, etc, See figure 1) ; Motor and fan installed on the base, through the coupling between direct drive. Figure 1 - Multistage centrifugal fan structure 2, multistage centrifugal fan axis wear 2 at the site of the problem. 1 a multistage centrifugal fan axis wear a chemical company imported Shi Binsha ( spencer) Multistage centrifugal fan in vibration value is too large, the speed of 2900 r/min; Remove after found that the fan thrust the lateral axis wear problem, wear position for angular contact bearings and ball bearing mounting surface, erosion rate for unilateral 0. About 25 mm, the diameter of axle is phi 65 mm; Angular contact bearing models for: 7313 wn/T313KS; Deep groove ball bearing models for: 7313 wn/P313KS. 2. 2 equipment problems, the author analyzes the reasons of axial appear wear has a lot of, but the main reason is the nature of metal used to manufacture shaft, metal high hardness, but concession sex difference ( Cannot recover after a deformation) , low shock resistance, fatigue resistance performance is poor, so easy to cause adhesion wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear and fretting wear, most of the axial wear problem is imperceptible, only a machine high temperature, bouncing, such as sound, most of the shaft has been badly worn, thus making machine downtime. 2. 3 multistage centrifugal fan site repair process 2 axis wear problem. 3. 1 tradition for axial and inner hole wear problem is after removal to shaft repair workshop for repair welding, set shaft sleeve, such as processing, repair welding machining process itself is easy to make shaft surface local produce thermal stress, cause the hidden trouble of the broken shaft, repair welding and machining process need to spend a lot of manpower and time to disassembly, transport and installation of equipment, the repair time is longer, the comprehensive repair cost is high. 2. 3. 2 f the blue & reg; Polymer composite materials to repair process. Use of polymer composite materials with repair mold ( See figure 2) At the scene to repair worn parts, in order to improve the mold repair precision is not used before, but in order to guarantee for repair mold repair effect and the accuracy by redesign, the maximum guarantee repair precision. Figure 2 - Mould processing in figure 2. 4 multistage centrifugal fan axis wear 2 at the site of the problem. 4. Surface treatment: 1 will wear position baked oil processing in the first place, remove oil seep into the metal microporous; 2. 4. 2 dozen pitting: to increase the material adhesion in 4 - axis weeks round Article 6 the pitting; 2. 4. 3 grinding: use sand paper burnish of wear position for processing, using alcohol or acetone clean. 2. 4. 4 empty try mold: mold assembly to repair parts, observe fit the mold, then remove the brush after demoulding agent standby; 2. 4. 4 mixed materials: proportionally mixed 2211 f materials and stir evenly until there is no color difference. 2. 4. 5 daub materials: materials used 2211 f will wear position filled and slightly bigger than the wear volume. 2. 4. 5 mold assembly, waiting for the material curing; 2. 4. 5 material curing after the completion of the mold removal, daub again material bearing assembly. 2. 5 multistage centrifugal fan axis wear problem 3, endnotes at the site by the rotational speed of 2900 r/min Shi Bin Sally Spencer multistage centrifugal fan bearing wear field repair, is the blue & reg; The beneficial trial of the mold repair technology, break through the scene of the used before mold repair only aimed at the limitations of low speed device. Through this attempt, proves that using f the blue & reg; Polymer composite material collocation to repair the mold can be a very good solution to solve the equipment transmission parts wear problem, proves the f the blue & reg; Field repair process has high repair precision, well meet the requirements of the precision of the equipment, in the repair link control under the premise of accurate and traditional machining off-line repairing a piece.
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