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The fatigue life - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
Fatigue life of rolling bearing in the process of operation, absorb a certain amount of load, even if is the static load, but for steel ball and raceway, the stress is cyclical, material rolling fatigue so that the bearing to life will occur. The phenomenon as part of the rolling surface materials like fish scales suddenly fall off, this phenomenon is called fatigue spalling ( 剥落) 。 Noise of household electrical appliances bearing life, bearing load is small, has a long bearing life. But bearing operation after a period of time, will also generate wear, vibration noise increases, grease degradation, etc. Due to strict in home appliance bearing noise, when bearing noise beyond the allowable range, consider bearing cannot continue to use. Bearing low noise the total time of operation is called noise bearing life. Life appliances lubricating bearing grease maintenance-free sealed bearing is normally used. Although bearing lubrication need only tiny amounts of lubricant, but after running a long time due to the deterioration of the grease and leakage, poor lubrication bearing, so that the bearing failure. Good bearing lubrication condition the total time of operation is called bearing life. For light load bearing, bearing life and noise lubrication life shorter than the bearing fatigue life. Such as home appliances bearing, as long as the bearing selection and installation is correct, can satisfy completely the requirements of the life of the host matching.
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