Bearing installation, maintenance, disassembly grasp these points, life three times! - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Bearing is a kind of important modern mining machinery parts and components, its quality relates to the entire device running status. This paper introduces the bearing installation, maintenance, disassembly and common problems, hope to help you production. Bearing installation of bearing directly affects the precision, performance, service life, therefore, design and assembly department for the installation of the bearing be fully research, carried out in accordance with the following operation standard: ( 1) Cleaning bearings and bearing related department; ( 2) Check the size of the associated components and finish machining condition; ( 3) Installation ( Before the installation, just open the bearing packing) ; ( 4) After installed bearing inspection; ( 5) Supply of lubricant. General grease lubrication, cleaning, not directly fill grease. Lubricating oil, ordinary also don't have to be clean, but, instrument using or high speed bearings, etc. , to be washed with clean oil, remove rust inhibitor) on the bearing. Remove the rust inhibitor of bearing, easy to rust, so cannot be placed. Also, has the bearing grease sealed, not directly use cleaning. Bearing installation method, owing to the different bearing structure, with other conditions. In general, as more as the axis of rotation, so the inner circle need interference fit. Cylindrical hole bearing, multi-purpose press pressure into, or multi-purpose hot charging method. Taper hole, installed directly on the taper shaft, or use the socket installation. The installation of 01, cylindrical hole bearing ( 1) With widely used press press press it into a small bearing pressure into the method. Bedding block, pad into the inner ring with press pressure to the inner ring and closely contact with quietly at the axle gear shoulder. Will block installed inner ring, outer ring fitted is the causes of indentation rolling path, crushed, so be absolutely prohibited. Oil operation, can be in the mating surfaces. Installed with a hammer knock occasions, as a last resort to mat mat, circle piece of work. This approach is limited to the interference with the small, cannot be applied to large amount of interference, or medium and large bearing. Such as deep groove ball bearings, such as the separation type bearings, inner ring and outer ring needs to be interference quantity installed occasions, with block MATS, with a screw or hydraulic, the inner ring and outer ring into at the same time. Self-aligning ball bearing outer ring is easy to lean, if not interference fit, also had better mat block installation. , like cylindrical roller bearing, tapered roller bearing separation type bearings, inner ring and outer ring can be installed on the shaft and housing, respectively, will be installing a good combination of inner ring and outer ring, the key is the both firmly closed, so that the center does not produce deviation, force pressure initiation result of raceway surface injury. ( 2) Hot charging method of large bearings, pressure fashionable takes a lot of power, so it is difficult to press in. Therefore, in the heart of the oil bearing heating, expansion, and then loaded on the axis of the hot charging method is widely used. Using this method, you can not add inappropriate to bearing force, finish your homework in a short period of time. Heating temperature of the bearing to the bearing size, the required amount of interference for reference. Hot charging work related matters needing attention are as follows: ( a) The bearing must not be heated to above 120 ℃; ( b) For the bearing is not direct contact with the bottom of the tank, can consider to put on the metal mesh, bearing or bearing hung; ( c) Bearing heated to higher than the required temperature 20 ℃ to 30 ℃, so that will not happen in inner ring cooling operation, difficult to install; ( d) After installation, bearing cooling, width contraction, so use shaft nut, or other appropriate method, fastening, in case of gap between inner ring and bearing retaining shoulder.
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