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Block Housing Bearing for mechanical

Block Housing Bearing for mechanical

Block Housing Bearing for mechanical

UCP209 Spherical Bearing with seat
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Cushion Block Bearing

Cushion block bearing introduction

The spherical bearing seat bearing is actually a variation of deep groove ball bearing, which is characterized by that its outer ring outer diameter surface is a spherical surface, which can be matched into the corresponding concave spherical surface of the bearing seat to play the role of centering.

Although spherical bearing seat bearing basic performance with deep groove ball bearings should be similar, but because of the bearing are mostly applied in mechanical rough, installation location is not accurate, the axis of the shaft with a hole to neutral, or under the condition of large axial length and deflection etc, and the spherical bearing seat bearing itself precision is not high, some structure is rough, so the performance of the actual performance comparison on the same specifications of the deep groove ball bearings to play quite a discount.For example, the outer ball bearing with the top wire is applied to the through shaft with large stiffness deflection.

The spherical bearing seat bearing is mainly used to bear combined radial and axial loads, which are mainly radial loads. Generally, it is not suitable to bear axial loads separately.

his kind spherical bearing seat bearing can be installed with inner ring (with full set of rollers and retainers) and outer ring respectively.The bearing does not allow the shaft to be tilted relative to the housing, and additional axial forces will be generated under radial load assignment.The size of axial clearance of the spherical bearing seat bearing has a great relationship with whether the bearing can work normally.Bearing is easy to damage when axial clearance is large.Therefore, special attention should be paid to adjust the axial clearance of the bearing during installation and operation. If necessary, it can be preloaded and installed to increase the rigidity of the bearing.


The cushion block bearing can be easily and effectively self-aligning the mounting error, and can be easily installed on various industrial shafts, which is particularly useful in the frame of the equipment. The product range of the bearing housing is very wide. There are vertical seats, various flanged seats, keyed seat, round seat, etc. The material is gray cast iron seat, ductile iron seat, steel stamping seat and stainless steel seat. And plastic seats, etc.

Product information

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UCP209 Mounted Spherical Bearing





Gcr15 Bearing steel,Cast iron seat




V1 V2 V3 V4


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The Mounted spherical bearing is composed of outer spherical bearing and bearing seat. It does not need to be designed separately when used. It has small size and simple structure. It can be directly bolted to the design part of the mainframe. It is easy to use

Simple and practical, the bearing seat has a monolithic structure, large bearing capacity and good rigidity. The bearing and the bearing seat can be interchanged, that is, the same bearing seat can be installed with different types of bearings; similarly, the same type of bearing can be selected for various types of bearing housings

Automatically adjustable: The spherical bearing with seat can work under different shafts of the two bearing seats, and the maximum automatic adjustment angle can reach 2°

Attachment assisted, the inner diameter of the outer spherical bearing with a "+" tolerance, forming a clearance fit with the shaft, through the top wire, eccentric sleeve or adapter sleeve on the inner ring, the bearing is fixed on the shaft, reducing the shaft The accuracy requirements make it extremely convenient to install or replace bearings

The working environment is small. The spherical bearing with seat is generally pre-filled with grease. It is double-layer or three-lip seal. It is suitable for use in dust, muddy water and corrosive media. It is good for the main machine

Accuracy advantages, the spherical bearing with seat has good rotation accuracy


Harvester, straw returning machine, thresher, etc


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