How many tapered roller bearing are produced by Waxing per year?
There is a steady increase in the annual output of roller bearing at Zhejiang waxing electromechanical co.LTD.. This reflects our positive growth and development in the market now. Since established, we have been emphasizing the importance of the product and service quality because we firmly believe high-quality input will definitely bring high returns. Some of our customers repeat purchasing products from us and others highly recommend us to their friends. Thanks to our customers sincerely, we have been receiving a larger customer base and gained more confidence in this fierce industry.

In order to set foot in wider market of ball bearing, Waxing has introduced technology from abroad and increase production lines. The linear bearings series is one of the main products of Waxing. Right fabric is adopted for Waxing linear ball bearing. It is chosen by our experienced designers who know how a fabric will drape and feel. The high-quality roller bearing can help the product achieve high thrust capacity. Pen-on-paper feeling: a professional grade creative pen and a highly responsive screen are designed to provide a natural pen-on-paper feel. The especially-designed logo can be printed on the product.

Regarding environmental protection and sustainability, we will continue to decrease overall energy consumption, reduce emissions, and manage waste throughout the entire organization.
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