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How can I get to know oilless bearing quality before placing an order?
So as to learn the attribute of oilless bearing, customers are welcome to see our factory. Applying for a sample can be also a fantastic way. Customer Support is always available for you to talk about the item.
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Zhejiang waxing electromechanical co.LTD. takes the leading position among forklift bearings enterprises in China from aspects of human resource, technology, market, manufacturing capability and so on. The needle bearing series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Through the use of advanced testing equipment in products, many quality problems can be found in time, thus effectively improving the quality of products. Adopting ultra-clean steel, the product has obtained an extended bearing life. Except our professional service, our spherical roller bearing is also great in its quality. The roller and thrust bearing are separable, making it easy to conduct maintenance and inspection.

Waxing always holds the strong aspiration to be a leading universal joint bearing supplier. Inquire now!

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