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How long will it take if I want clutch bearing sample?
It depends on whether you have specific requirements on clutch bearing sample. Usually, a common product sample will be shipped as soon as the sample order has been placed as we choose the best transportation company. Once the sample is shipped out, we'll send you an email notification of your order statuses, such as delivery time and goods location. If you experience delays in receiving your sample order, contact us immediately and we will help to confirm the status of your sample.
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Zhejiang waxing electromechanical co.LTD. has established our cylindrical roller bearing manufacturing bases in the vast and low-cost Chinese market. According to the material, Zhejiang Waxing Electromechanical Co., Ltd's products are divided into several categories, and one-way bearing is one of them. Waxing stainless steel bearings has to be inspected in different aspects. These aspects are electrical properties, cut resistance, longitudinal and torsional stiffness, and biomechanical comfort. The product has excellent weathering ability thanks to the steel. Our quality control personnel are responsible for the continuous small changes to maintain production in the specified parameters and ensure product quality. The product can withstand heavy inertial forces.

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