Brief introduction of Waxing
Zhejiang waxing electromechanical co.LTD. has been developed for several decades and has been highly evaluated by foreign and domestic clients. R&D and manufacturing are backed by experienced technicians. It sells well in both foreign and domestic markets. Its exports account for a huge percentage of overall sales.

With high reputation, Waxing has set foot in more places in the world. The cylindrical roller bearing series is one of the main products of Waxing. The LCD screen of this product has many advantages, such as zero glare, no flashing, and low power consumption. Its LCS pixels is able to hold the state all the time. The internal structure of the product compensates for shaft deflections and housing distortions caused by the heavy loads. With this product, people can leave their daily life behind and be whisked away to a place of imagination and fun! It can show its good mechanical properties even at a high temperature.

We are guided by our sustainable development goals. We will develop and manufacture our products in a way that ensures they are safe, environmentally friendly and economical.
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