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What should fan bearing wear appropriate maintenance? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
Fan occupies the important position in the industrial production, thus once the fan bearing wear and tear, it is very trouble. Fan is according to the kinetic energy is converted to potential energy principle, the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller speed, the gas and then slow down, change flow direction, the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy ( Pressure) 。 In single stage centrifugal fan, the gas from the axial impeller, changed into radial gas flows through the impeller, and then into the diffuser. In the diffuser, to change the direction of flow and gas pipeline cross-section area increases the air flow deceleration, this deceleration function converts kinetic energy into pressure energy. Increased pressure occurs mainly in the impeller, the second happened in the diffusion process. In multistage centrifugal fan, air burning into the next round, with reflux device has higher pressure. 1. The main reason for the fan bearing chamber wear: 1) Bearing the lack of lubrication, caused by working temperature is higher, bearing damage and wear bearing chamber; 2) Size tolerance, due to the bearing and the bearing chamber caused by relative motion between the clearance and wear 3) Bearing axial channeling, bearing gland not pressure or bearing housing size is too large to cause bearing can't locate, fan operation cause the axial channeling and wear and tear. Traditional repair technology for bearing wear, traditional online technology repair scheme has the following categories: ( 1) With non-standard sets ( 2) Pitting, direct bearing assembly ( 3) Replace with non-standard sets of Mosaic non-standard sets, must logoff machining processing, make it difficult to implement for dust removal fan and other important equipment stop production for a long time to repair, enterprises generally do not adopt this technology. Low pitting dozen pitting repair technology is a kind of emergency measures, and is limited to wear very mild, after repair of the bearing inner ring and shaft fit only for contacts, so in the operation process under the condition of large load, pitting susceptible to fatigue wear and short service life, is only a temporary emergency. Change to replace the new parts is the most simple processing method, its characteristic is to small devices or components is relatively simple measures, but for large equipment, remove the equipment complex, high cost and generally difficult to implement and parts purchasing cycle is long, continuous production enterprise is hard to wait. Thus, bearing seat ( Room) Wear occurs, the repair technology of how to become a big problem, now, a new technology - — Carbon nano polymer technology is arises at the historic moment, just solved the process repair on this board. Sauvy carbon nanometer polymer repair technology reconstruction project of the steel centrifugal fan field application case, in the process of debugging the bearing chamber not filling lubricating oil bearing caused by sintering, and the bearing chamber caused by wear, wear size width of 1-120 mm in depth 2 mm, bearing type 6238. The following is the use of carbon nanotubes polymer repair technology for dust removal machine housings ( Room) To repair.
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