On a regular basis to INA oilless bearing some considerations - bearing knowledge for maintenance

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Late show bearing fault feature to severe fault ( For bearing damage, such as holding shaft commonly, burns, sand spallation, raceway, wear beads, etc. ) Most of time not more than a week, the bigger the equipment capacity, the faster the speed, the shorter the time interval. Therefore, in actual INA bearings fault diagnosis, once found late fault characteristics, should be decisive judgment without oil bearing fault, arrange inspection as soon as possible. Pop to bearing manufacturing through forging, hot freedom, turning processing, grinding and assembly process. The rationality of the processing technology, advanced, stability will also affect the service life of bearing. Freedom and affecting the quality of bearing grinding process, often have a more direct relationship with bearing failure. In recent years the metamorphosis of INA bearing working surface layer of the study indicate that is close to the grinding process and the surface quality of bearing. Movement after a period of time, maintain a certain level of vibration and noise, frequency spectrum is very single, only one or two times the frequency. Rarely appear more than three times the power frequency spectrum, no oil bearing condition is very stable, steady working period. Continue to run into the use of late, after bearing vibration and noise began to increase, sometimes a different sound, but the change of vibration increase is relatively slow, at this point, the bearing kurtosis value began suddenly reaches a certain value. We believe that the INA bearing is characterized by early failure. First obligation of bearing using life is based on a large entourage of information, analyze the data and the failure pattern of postures, find a bearing failure of the primary elements, so that the improvement measures are put forward, and delay the retirement period of oilless bearing, avoid INA bearings anger sudden early failure. 1, normal use after one year should be a change in 2 # spindle oil and coarse fine filter. 2, the normal use of pump station to add oil must be 3 layer filter for silk cloth. 3, the spindle pulley, wheel loading and unloading must be in pump station stops working condition. The spindle under the conditions of static pressure oil float stops. It's not damage and static pressure bearing spindle. 4, grinding wheel spindle before work can see pump station and grinding head hydrostatic pressure within the scope of the standard. 5, equipment downtime, must stop the grinding head motor first, after waiting for grinding wheel stop, then turn off the pump station, otherwise easy to damage the grinding head. 6, in pumping station of any parts, must first to removing the high pressure oil hose connection, after changing the parts, oil circulation 15 to myself 20 minutes ahead into the tubing can be connected to grinding head, thus ensure the into the grinding head spindle oil is super clean spindle oil after fine filtering. Doing so will extend the life of the used for static pressure spindle.
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