How about Waxing shipping services?
The shipping services provided by Zhejiang waxing electromechanical co.LTD. can be seen as satisfactory and prompt. Since the inception of Waxing, we have cooperated with many logistics companies creating a comprehensive assessment system for their delivery accuracy and delay ratio. And now we decide to partner with some of them with high marks to sign a long-term contract. They ensure a flexible shift of goods and the fast turnover, which in turn influences our shipment services in a positive way. Now, we have a high on-time delivery rate, which helps us attract more customers from abroad.

With time going on, Waxing plays a greater role in the market of cylindrical roller bearing. The thrust ball bearing series is one of the main products of Waxing. For designing our company needle bearing, different lines, curves, colors, and textures are used. These elements are blended in such a way as to make the design beautiful. The product has excellent weathering ability thanks to the steel. Its electrostatic sensitive device has high electrostatic sensitivity, meaning this device can withstand much electrostatic discharge voltage. It can be found in many fields like the fields of navigation, construction, crane, mining, and railway.

Regarding the efforts in promoting sustainability, we have made a lot. We introduce energy-saving production and working machines, utilizing resources fully, and cutting down wastes.
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