Electric pressure bearing is broken, how repair? Lao shifu told you! - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Electric cars turn without bearing operation, have so a kind of bearing it is called - Pressure bearing, bearing is primarily under pressure, once the damaged handlebar to difficult uncomfortable, emergency turn not to come over, prone to accidents, if your car appear difficult to turn, turn likely pressure bearing is broken. So, how repair? Step 1: before disassemble hood hood has a screw is fixed in the handlebar intermediate filaments, within a long screw rod, deep front fork tube, cant screw on the bottom of a wire drawing, taut can settle handlebar, dismantling the hood's purpose is to make the handlebar fork internal 'liberation' once upon a time, hood belongs to the plastic parts, cannot forced hard way down, in addition to the screw should be fixed to live, with plastic buckle, can use a screwdriver 'into' inside, see card buckle gently pry the hood and instrument is 'separated'. Step 2: spray lubrication screw screw loosening agent electric vehicle carries on her work in the rain, rust agent, time is long some screws are hard to open, 'stick together tightly,' let the lubricant to remove rust, to remove the better discharge, forced discharge, twist wire broken, bruise on his hand, pulled the line and made difficult, although a little lubricant, it is a small 'artifact'! And where in the way the principle! Make sure the out line intact. Step 4: right apart front fork screw. Handlebar middle screw sleeve or better ring spanner, generally with 12 cm wrench, screw difficult demolition hammer can use parallel shake shake, and then using a wrench, open up and down the back and forth a few rounds down, ( Unloading loose) Hard otherwise it's easy to screw down the outside edge to 'circular', bring to the next step is difficult, the same screws on the front fork nor forced hard discharge 'if really hurt not to drop, rust inside spread betting on death, the' cutter 'cut it, the change what is in what! Step 5: remove has broken eight bowl under the front fork is on the bottom of the neck block, block above is bead, bead is above the bowl, the upper bowl is above, a bead, flat wire, flat non-slip silk, and fixed screw, the adaptation of the elapsed time will cause varying degrees of wear beads apart, steel bowl is round, stop the ground deformation, under cover screw bumpy, need all change, when disassemble dishes to diagonal down, up and down so as not to break the 'neck' legacy frame tube. Step 6: correct installation pressure bearing block under eight bowl, upper parallel tapping into a bowl, if hit not strong hit hard, can choose to use small wood block in parallel with the hammers in place, hard to hit bowl changed shape, restless, deviating from the 'runway' easy bad, upper frame must the grease, oil, dexterity, friction small, good durability, and flat silk not too loose or too tight, in order to avoid turning effort, bead frame apart wear out quickly! Step 7: adjustment screws of handlebar fixed line handlebar is before the forklift is not straight, handlebar and front fork in the side to be on a straight line, if the offset cycling uncomfortable uncomfortable, also turned on the power lock try whether the 'function' sound, to see if the line in the hood 'safe', make sure everything is ok, will be fixed line with wiring harness the son, lest meet of turning, grinding to the line, the closed hood, tightness of screw moderation, not hard twist, so as not to split the plastic cylinder screw. Electric cars turn to like the car steering wheel, it goes well flexible turning direction by pressure bearing, bearing pressure damage to hard to turn, the direction of, the repair, in order to avoid an accident!
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