Clean up the contaminated and rust knowledge of SKF bearing some requirements - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Wash oil, gasoline, ethanol, dehydrated liquid, neutral or alkaline cleaning agents, etc can be used to clean the SKF bearing. But should pay attention to 'gasoline, wash oil, ethanol and dehydration is a flammable liquid; Alkaline cleaner is corrosive. Use of hydrogen chloride solvent oil combustion, explosion and decomposition of danger, also may be harmful to health. When clean SKF bearing can use tip of brush, brush or no fiber fabrics such as tools, once after cleaning solvent evaporation, SKF bearings coated with anti-rust oil. When a hardening on the SKF bearing oil or grease residue, can use first machinery way will clean the SKF bearing to use strong alkaline aqueous solution of material handling. 1, some enterprises in the process of production of bearing no rust cleaning procedures and oil seal antirust packing in strict accordance with the requirements of bearing parts in the process of machining and assembly of SKF bearing products antirust processing. Such as ring in the process of turnover turnover time is too long, outer cylindrical contact corrosive liquids or gases, etc. 2, some enterprises in the production of antirust oil, cleaning products such as kerosene used quality can not reach the requirements of the technology. 3, due to a SKF bearing steel price drop down again, resulting in bearing steel quality decline gradually. Such as non-metallic impurities content in steel on the high side, The increase of sulfur content in the steel material fall in corrosion resistance) , metallurgical structure deviation, etc. Is now used in bearing steel production enterprise source is miscellaneous, steel quality fish dragon fraud. 4, part of the enterprise's poor environmental conditions, harmful content is high in the air, flow field is too small, it is difficult to effectively antirust processing. Coupled with the hot weather, the production workers in violation of the phenomenon such as antirust procedures were there. 5, some enterprises anti-rust paper, nylon paper ( Bag) And SKF bearing packing material such as plastic tube does not accord with the requirement of rolling bearing oil seal rustproof packaging is one of corrosion factors. 6, some enterprises SKF bearing ring of turning small allowance and allowance of grinding, the oxide coating on the cylindrical, failed to completely remove decarburization layer is also one of the reasons.
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