Water pump bearings will you maintain? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Water pump bearing maintenance method and the dismantling of pay attention to the problem: 1, the new pump put into use, must be replaced after running 100 hours (grease Oil) 1, 500 hours after each run. 2, floating bearing is lubricated by grease, run after 1500 hours, should be replaced, grease filling the oil amount is too little or too much, because too much or too little will cause bearing grease fever, amount to general in the bearing should be 1/2 to 2/3 of the chamber volume. 3, for bearing is lubricated by lubricating oil, the oil should be added to the specified location. 4, containers of lubricating oil or grease to clean, should be sealed at ordinary times, should not have dust, iron and other sundry, in order to avoid damage to the bearings. 5, motor bearings commonly used sodium base grease, this kind of ability is the feature of high temperature grease ( 125℃) , but easy to dissolve in the water, so can't use it for water pump bearing lubrication. Gear pump in the class what bearing dismantling should pay attention to the following is bearing dismantling should pay attention to the problem: ( 1) Drag force continued to be the extent of screw pump, for example, when installing a bearing in the bearing fit into the correct position to stop work, guarantee the ring ( Washers) The end face of landing on a hole or shaft shoulder end, neither packed too tight, nor does not reach the designated position. ( 2) Work together as much as possible through the axis of the oilless bearing, plastic pump smoothly, this requires the screws evenly symmetry and by spherical or parallel to the axis force application. ( 3) Avoid by applying pressure roller, diaphragm pump which requires the inner ring (installation Axial circle) When applying pressure through the inner ring and outer ring installation) Through the outer power works. ( 4) Wire should be smooth and uniform, the size of the unfavorable impact, self-priming pump which require the use of oil pressure or pressure stable tension or can use tools, it had to use hammer, also want to through soft without exfoliation metals such as copper sleeve to buffer, tapping force as gently as possible. It is best to use copper or copper hammer hammer.
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