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Support roller bearing roller fracture problem discussion - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Rolling body fracture are caused by what? Everyone a great god, and help to analyze, thank you! XiaoYao: instant fracture, rolling load without exception XiaoYao: what type? Rolling body size and quantity? Regression: heavy load small xin: heavy load time: bearing type is FCD6890250, rolling element 26 mm in diameter, the length of the 44 mm tomorrow: what bad little lowe: looking like a fatigue layer, do not like years: crystal xiaowen: a poor lubrication of years: certainly not lubrication problem little lowe: light, so I feel or fatigue crack years: this is the second column little lowe: material may also question time: I don't approve of fatigue crack, if tired, outer slide would have bad. But now the track no little lowe: anything you this broken very simply, conditional word do crystal like contrast tomorrow: xiao xin: forging, there is a hole or material existence impurities: tomorrow see bearing area years: excuse me rolling plate screw bearing and bearing of rolling strip on the material tomorrow: is there a difference? Work roll bearings and back-up roller bearing years: little lowe: supporting roller of hot rolled strip steel support roller now many are oil film bearing tomorrow: and then see if rolling body both face serious wear and tear, or a badly worn years: bearing area and the normal place no difference, surface is very smooth, almost no wear and tear, cross section is chamfering in creasing tomorrow: this is a short time damage? Cage? Time: it could be broken fragments in years: the cage no bad and no deformation. Recently have a lot of cage half the distance of tooth loss small xin: material and forging technology, still feeling hole is too big, carbon and nitrogen ratio control is bad. Nature is hard to bear too much load. Years: the rolling bearing manufacturer giving you the wrong dish of screw bearing, steel strip to us here, I doubt that zhang: is rolling disc screw bearing material made of rolling strip steel bearing materials with different caused by xiao wu: you'd better confirm with manufacturer under two kinds of bearings are of the same material, the same quality level, if not, you are faced with the problem of batch, if it is, may be accidental, also can withstand
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