Steam turbine bearing, rounding - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Steam turbine radial bearing is divided into fixed bearing two types of bearings and tilting watts. 1, fixed bearings with cylindrical bearings, bearing fixed watts oval tile bearing, oil is woven more and more oil bearing ( Currently not used) 。 Ordinary cylindrical bearings, is composed of upper and lower half. The second half of the bearing in vitro has three radial adjusting pad, the upper bearing at the top of the set, a radial adjusting pad for bearing adjustment. Oval tile bearing is self-aligning bearing, possesses the advantages of less structural level, inside the bearing directly on the surface of casting babbitt, bearing inner tile surface processing into elliptical form. 2, tilting bearings, bearing four tilting watts in the upper two segment's back, along the steering oil place with spring, make the segment in the back pressure to the tendency of the rotor, prevent the inlet side of the segment and shaft neck brake of undesirable tendency, at the same time in the tile surface feed side inclined, and lubricating oil into the tile surface. Half of round, the second half of the tilting composed of two pieces of tilting tile tile bearing, the stability of the structure of the bearing is better than cylindrical bearings, bearing capacity is larger than general tilting tile bearing, and tilting tile of partial load bearing and the advantages of no sensitivity to teach in small. Is a new type of tile surface oil inlet side into the tank with tilting tile bearing, lubricating oil with the method of direct oil supply and oil discharge. Each segment has a into the oil tank, oil directly discharge after working in the tile surface, with low power consumption. The classification of the thrust bearing 1 radial thrust bearing the structure is placed in a body for the radial and thrust bearings, bearing is spherical to match corresponding spherical and bearing sleeve body, make the bearings with to automatically adjust the deflection of shaft deformation, reach on the tile surface and the rotor thrust plate has good contact between the surface, this structure is suitable for the flexible rotor and axial load is not too much of a unit. And an elastic equilibrium for tile radial thrust bearing, thrust aside the tile on the elastic ring, hosted by elastic ring to produce elastic deformation, in order to achieve each piece of tile surface and has good contact with the requirements of the thrust plate of plane. This structure is used in rigid rotor and the axial load is not too much of a unit. 2 mirra ginsburg ray tile symmetric bearing, thrust bearing can be used for positive and negative two to work. A degree contact bearing maintenance check between bearing housing and bearing contact area is more than 75%, the adjustment between gasket and block and gasket and the contact between tile uniform contact area is more than 75%, the tilting pad and the corresponding spindle and uniform contact area is more than 80%. If the bearing is in the correct position along the line of the radial and axis rotation bearing about 2 to 4 degrees, this movement shall be carried out in a step by step, and each direction can only move a little bit at a time, avoid fast moving, otherwise mark does not reflect the actual surface contact. If take blows takes a lot of work: tinker, polished than the repair work with high efficiency. Grinding shall be carried out in a carefully to avoid shell geometric distortion, and it is very important. Can use blade grinding wheel to grind the spherical shell, it is recommended to use the grinding particle size is 160 - 180. It is recommended to use scraper when finishing. The main steps of the adjustment of the tilting tile bearing (2 1) According to the rotor need to adjust the data to calculate the second half of the tile adjust the thickness of gaskets need to adjust the volume. For example: if you want to raise the rotor 0. About 20 mm, you must put the second half of the two pieces of adjustment gasket replacement as compared to the original pads thick 0. 20×0. 7 = 0. 14 mm gasket ( Through processing the spare gasket) ; If you want to put the rotor moves to the right 0. 20 mm, the grinding lower right gasket to 0. 20×0. 7 = 0. 14 mm, lower left again at the same time adjust gasket replacement thicker than the gasket into 0. 14 mm gasket ( Through processing the spare gasket) 。 ( 2) After the second half of the tile adjusting shim thickness change, in order to ensure the bearing clearance is changeless, shall be adjusted accordingly change the upper segment of diagonal azimuth gasket. # 3, for example, the adjustment of the tile spacer thickening of 0. 14 mm, the # 1 tile adjustment gasket should correspondingly thinning is 0. 14mm( As shown in figure) 。 3 bearing clearance value measurement for the fixed tile bearing can be used or feeler measurements of lead wire, for tilting tile bearing can use the following method to measure. To measure the size of the rotor and bearing the parts separately, and make corresponding records, specific steps are as follows: ( 1) Measuring rotor shaft neck diameter: select multiple position measurements, take the average, compared with the drawing design value, should be consistent. ( 2) Measuring bearing inside diameter: bearing shell by shell inner hole diameter size minus the tile with block and its total adjusting shim thickness are found. (1) measuring casing hole: shell half bolted to split up and down, and in accordance with the provisions of the torque screw down the bolt, then respectively measurement # 1, # 3 block in diameter, # 2 and # 4 block in diameter. (2) measured # 1, # 2, # 3 and # 4 segment with block and adjust the thickness of the gasket assembly. As shown in figure 2. Can be put on the spindle (the tile buckle Spindle diameter greater than or equal to the rotor shaft neck, less than or equal to the segment diameter) With standard sample blocks and measured by table. For double cylinder block appearance, so must to its highest point measurement. ( 3) According to the measured data calculated bearing clearance, bearing clearance equal to the shell inside diameter minus the tile thickness minus rotor shaft neck components. The overhaul the thrust segment of the thrust bearing thrust surface should be fairly flat, and contact with the rotor thrust plate of uniform, contact area of more than 75%. Same side thrust segment and spherical block combination after the total thickness of the deviation is not greater than zero. 02mm。
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