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Solid lubrication bearing, bearing of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
On the bearing shell or trunnion, artificially to join solid lubricant, to reduce friction, this bearing is called solid lubrication bearing. Solid lubrication bearing with no lubrication bearing no difference on the nature of friction, just solid lubricated bearing surface of solid materials is a part of the friction to prevent two surface glue, to reduce the friction factor and reduce wear and purposely put. Use solid lubricant can save electric power, petroleum products and non-ferrous metals, avoid oil pollution environment. Solid lubrication applicable occasions as follows: 1. High temperature and high pressure working environment, such as extrusion, stamping, drawing, pressing, etc. 2. Low speed conditions, such as machine tool guideway. 3. Wide temperature range. 4. High vacuum conditions of running parts, lubrication without destroying its vacuum degree. 5. Strong radiation under the conditions of running parts, solid lubricant in strong metamorphism under the irradiation of slow. 6. Need anti-corrosion, solid lubricant and air, solvent, fuel, fuel, such as no reaction, can work under acid, alkali and water environment. 7. A dust environment. 8. Must strictly avoid situations of lubricating oil products, such as food, textile, paper making, medicine, printing equipment, etc. 9. The oil is washed loss occasions. 10. Oil supply is not very convenient. The friction factor of solid lubrication is usually higher than oil, grease, and no cooling, also does not help grindings eduction.
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