Motor used in the analysis of the causes of the TIMKEN bearing rust - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Causes of TIMKEN bearing rust on the motor used is complex, may be the TIMKEN bearing antirust processing was not well done, also might have been caused by water corrosion, and corrosion caused by the mist. Let me explain it in detail with the rest of the players. Most electric insulating varnish used evaporate off acid composition mainly has four kinds: 1, did not react low molecular paint raw materials acid ( Without water adjacent and terephthalic acid, maleic acid water, trans butylene acid) 。 2, paint curing generated when acid ( Phenolic resin modified with the lacquer, the formaldehyde water into formic acid) 。 3, heat, or generate low-level fatty acid oxidation decomposition ( Formic acid, acetic acid) 。 4, paint curing water decomposition generated after acid composition. Insulating paint produce formic acid is the main acid composition, the number of formic acid has a close relationship with degree of corrosion occurs. Grease adsorption evaporates acidic constituents of the paint cause metamorphism, grease and the acidic component and promote the hydrolysis of oils and fats, acid concentration increased as a result, causes the TIMKEN bearing corrosion. The working principle of the grease, is the use of oil layer of steel ball is separated from the internal and external raceway, using viscosity properties of oils and fats, attached to the surface of steel ball and raceway, separating the metal interface of ball and the inner and outer raceway, reduces wear on the metal surface and protect metal from air and water corrosion, reduce the vibration and noise, make the TIMKEN bearing import can smooth rotation. But after grease metamorphism, viscosity will change, oil film wear, the separation function and adhesion properties of the grease will disappear, so the consequences. A is made of insulating varnish acidic ingredients direct oxidation of metal surface, cause bearing corrosion. 2 it is to cause the steel ball in contact with the inner and outer raceway straight touch, wear and tear occurs when revolving that cause noise increases.
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