Koyo self-aligning ball bearing lubrication of rolling sound - bearing the importance of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Lubrication and sealing of any self-aligning ball bearing is very important, good lubrication and sealing is the guarantee of the bearing life, today we will focus to tell everyone about the about the importance of koyo bearing lubrication and seal. In everyday use, a lot of people do not take the self-aligning ball bearing lubrication. They think that the effects of a lubrication for bearings. However, this often leads to decrease in the bearing's life. The koyo bearing lubrication what benefits to us? 一个。 Oil bath lubrication oil bath lubrication is the most common lubrication method, suitable for low, medium speed, lubrication bearing, self-aligning ball bearing part is immersed in the tank, the bearing parts of lubricating oil by rotating, and then flow back to the oil level of oil tank should be slightly lower than the lowest at the center of the roller. b。 Oil drip lubrication oil drip lubrication is suitable for need to ration oil bearing parts, drip oil every 3 - general A drop of it is advisable to 8 seconds, too much oil will cause koyo bearing temperature increased. c。 Circulating oil lubrication oil pump in the conversion of the filter oil transfer to the self-aligning ball bearing parts, through the bearing lubricating oil filter cooling after use. Due to the circulating oil can take a certain quantity of heat, cooling the koyo bearing, therefore method is suitable for high speed bearing parts. d。 Spray lubrication with dry compressed air after the sprayer and lubricating oil mixed form oil mist, spray bearing, can effectively make the bearing cooling airflow and can prevent the intrusion. This method is suitable for high speed, high temperature self-aligning ball bearing parts of lubrication. e. Spray lubrication with oil pump nozzle shot into the bearing, the oil in the high pressure into the koyo bearing the bearing at the other end into the oil in the tank. When bearing at high speed, rolling element and cage with high rotate speed makes the surrounding air, the air in general it is difficult to be sent to the bearing lubricating oil lubrication method, use the method of high-pressure jet spray the lubricating oil must be taken to the self-aligning ball bearing, the position of the nozzle should be placed between inner ring and retainer center. Due to temperature lubrication, rotational speed, load, the influence of environment, the temperature range of values in the table only said roughly. Bearing lubrication effect of lubrication and friction and wear of koyo bearing fatigue life, temperature rise, vibration and so on have important influence, not normal lubrication, self-aligning ball bearing cannot work. Analyze the failure reasons of bearing show that about 40% of the bearing damage is related to bad lubrication. Therefore, good lubrication of the bearing is an effective measure to reduce the bearing friction and wear.
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