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Koyo noise of double row angular contact ball bearing friction materials of basic questions

by:Waxing     2020-09-15
Koyo bearing inner ring and the shaft is a tight fit, outer ring and shell as a loose fit, can press the bearing to be pressed on the double row angular contact ball bearing, then, together with the bearing axis in shell, when pressed on the bearing face cushion a soft metal materials assembling casing ( Copper or soft steel tube) 。 Assembling casing inside diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of a journal, outside diameter should be less than the rim diameter of bearing inside diameter, to avoid pressure in keeping the frame. Large Numbers of installing a bearing can add a handle on the casing. Where the missing or cannot use press, can use the assembling casing and small hammer to install double row angular contact ball bearings. Hammer force should be even to the end of the bearing ring on the circumference of a circle, therefore assembling casing under the hammer face should be made into spherical. Install koyo bearing the force required for bearing size and cooperate with related to the size of the amount of interference, the interference to the large amount of medium and large bearing commonly used the method of hot charging. The koyo bearing before hot charging or separable bearing ring into the fuel tank or dedicated heater evenly heating to 80 ~ 100 ℃ ( Should not exceed 100 ℃) 。 Double row angular contact ball bearing diameter of axle and bearing shell direct contact to prevent adhesion formation and the performance of the boundary lubrication. Factors influencing the friction pair friction compatibility of materials is: ( 1) As a deputy to the difficulty of the composition of alloy materials metallurgy. ( 2) Materials and affinity of lubricant. ( 3) Become vice material in the absence of the friction factor of lubrication condition. ( 4) The microstructure of materials. ( 5) Thermal conductivity of materials. ( 6) The size of the material surface energy and the characteristics of the oxide film.
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