KOYO bearings used in causes of vibration testing analysis - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
The cause of the vibration of the bearings are many, mainly for the following inspections: 1, because of the loading quantity change and roller vibration when a load to KOYO bearing radial load, the number of rolling element bearing load will be a slight change in the operation, i. e. , this caused the load in the direction of migration. The resulting vibration is inevitable, but can be by axial preload to ease, loading in all but the roller is not applicable to cylindrical roller bearing. 2, the waviness on bearing ring of the self-contained parts or under the condition of close cooperation between the shaft, KOYO bearing ring with adjacent components are likely to match the shape and deformation. If there is a deformation, can produce vibration in the operation. Therefore, the bearing and the shaft are machined to the required tolerance is very important. 3, bearing local damage due to the operation or installation errors, a small number of bearing raceway and rolling element may be damaged. In the running, rolled the damaged bearing parts will produce a particular vibration frequency. Vibration frequency analysis can identify the damaged bearing parts. KOYO bearing is the key equipment of the ultrasonic cleaning machine system, because of the bad cleaning machine working condition of bearing the mission of the special, to withstand the shock, vibration, overload of consecutive cases, more than 15 years and the service life of the requirements, especially high reliability requirement, therefore, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine design and manufacture of bearing higher requirements are put forward. Bearing in the process of repair, remain the state of the normal temperature, do not produce internal stress, thermal deformation and crack, annealing, softening phenomenon, no broken, split the potential impact. High bonding strength, do not produce falls off phenomenon, no hard points, high surface finish, hardness is adjustable. For low carbon steel and low carbon alloy steel, medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel, high carbon steel and high carbon alloy steel, high strength alloy steel, stainless steel, cast steel, cast iron, copper and copper alloy, aluminium and aluminium alloy, zinc and zinc alloy nickel, chromium, nickel, chromium steel and unknown materials for repair. Repair location accurate, flexible, XiuFuLiang can control precision, also can live without disassembly repair, after repair position can make tooling grinding technology accurate response to size. Cleaning machine used in grinding cement, coal and other construction, chemical, ceramics and other industrial raw materials, has small volume, light weight, covers an area of less, low power consumption, saving energy to reach an agreement over 30%, long service life and a series of advantages. ( 1) Due to the maintenance staff in KOYO bearing assembly is not serious when a process, to force on bearings, causing cage plastic deformation, exacerbating the cage and ask the friction roller, and even death in roller clip, cannot turn, bearing in motion by the strong impact the effect of cyclic loading, cage damaged, ball. ( 2) Due to the maintenance staff to bearing gland and 4631 l paper pad adjustment between the bearing outer ring is undeserved, cause bearing axial momentum increases, cage in under the action of shock load are damaged, ball. ( 3) KOYO bearing itself residual stress generated in grinding processing, heat treatment, make its excessive thermal stress during high load movement, the fatigue strength decreases sharply, lead to damaged cage, ball.
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