Knowledge of linear bearing is too professional, don't understand? Knowledge is to solve your doubts - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Linear bearing has advantages of small friction, high stability, almost all the machinery will be used to, is a widely used parts. But the linear bearing is relative professional knowledge, which may be a lot of procurement staff have some knowledge of linear bearing, such as tolerance grade, how to store and other technical details a little knowledge. The little lion will introduce some related knowledge of linear bearing, help you purchase or contact with linear bearing at ordinary times, know more about the product and the parameter linear bearing is what ~? Linear bearing is a kind of linear motion system for straight trip, used with cylindrical shaft. Due to coat point contact ball bearing with bearing, steel ball roll with minimum friction resistance, so the linear bearing has a small friction, more stable, not with the bearing, speed and change the characteristics of can obtain high sensitivity, high precision of stationary linear motion. Linear bearing also has its limitations, is the main bearing impact load ability is poorer, and bearing capacity also is bad, the second linear bearing vibration and noise is bigger when high speed movement. Is very extensive, the application of linear bearing is generally used in tensile testing machine and digital 3 d coordinate measurement equipment precision equipment, such as in multi-axis machine, automatic punching machine, tool grinding machine, cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, food packages installed has widely used in industrial machinery, etc. Linear bearing tolerance grade? Linear bearing tolerance grade, that is, precision grade, general component is 0, 6, 6, 5, 4, 2 x, the tolerance level is from low to high. Each level of tolerance of linear bearing in size, rotation and appearance quality has different requirements, the higher the level, all the more strict, the performance of the product will be more perfect. Will have the higher prices of the products. ( Old tolerance grade, code-named G, E, Ex, D, C, B) 。 Existing in the linear bearing clearance is flexible in order to ensure the linear bearing without some block, at the same time to ensure smooth linear bearing. The precision of the linear bearing level and linear bearing clearance is not directly related. To the heart of the linear bearing radial clearance is generally divided into C2, C0, C3, C4 and C5 group. Clearance of numerical range is from small to large. Theory, linear bearing each tolerance grade can choose each group of clearance, clearance group's choice but must according to the specific working conditions, the use of temperature, load and configuration of linear bearing situations to choose, to achieve the precision of the linear bearing capability. Bring about THK linear bearing structure ( The west mall stores) Products such as lower precision grade, its clearance group optional larger, and the more high precision products its clearance the smaller or even negative clearance. Linear bearing how to store? 1, the location of the required bearings generally in the warehouse, but requires the relative humidity of not more than 60% in warehouse, room temperature at 25 degrees or so, temperature difference can't be too big. And out of the best not to put acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive and chemical raw materials and moisture large objects. Store location should avoid direct sunlight, good ventilation and clean environment. 2, storage methods require different linear bearing products has a different way of storage, the wrong way also can give an adverse effect on the bearing. Small type bearing flat on best 30 cm above the ground on the shelf, large rolling bearing cannot be put in a vertical position, due to the uneven force, will result in a permanent deformation of bearing, so want to level the location of the store. 3, in front of the store in front of the store linear bearing must check whether the outer packing in good condition, it is very important. If the bearing outer packing is broken before storage, deposit even if the condition is very good, also can appear problem, affect the quality of linear bearing. If they do not have the outer packing has good situation, should immediately.
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