Know about the basic installation of roller bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Roller bearing basic installation: 1) Bearing washed with kerosene, pressed into the bearing seat, fill toward the roller bearing outer ring shell 3 lithium base grease to two-thirds full, with clean hands evenly daub, mount NTN bearing gland, use add bolt locking glue binding bolt pressure bearing gland; 2) Bearing for inside and outside the separable cylindrical roller bearings, bearing inner suit on the rotating shaft and should be in place; 3) The bearing seat is installed on the casing, such as grease oil injection hole, on location. Use add bolt fastening bolt bearing seat tightly locking glue; 4) Inside and outside the eccentric block is installed on the rotating shaft and is in place, with the shaft key shaft key should be load within the keyway to eccentric block, shaft with ring on the rotating shaft; 5) Tight the bolt fixed eccentric block, adjustable eccentric block, make it reach to unload in front of the Angle position and tighten the fastening bolts. Above after completion of assembly, shaft should have certain axial string move; 6) On guard at the ends of the vibration motor, with screw fastening.
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