INA railway bearing maintenance knowledge to solve the damage reason phenomenon analysis - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
In institutions, the installation of railway bearing parts allowed to have a certain temperature, when the hand touch body shell, should not feel hot as normal, conversely indicates that bearing temperature is too high. The cause of the high bearing temperature are: lubricating oil quality does not conform to the requirements or metamorphism, lubricating oil viscosity is too high; The assemble tight ( Inadequate clearance) ; Bearing assembly too tight; Bearing race in internal rotation shaft or housing; Too much load; INA bearing cage or rolling body fracture, etc. The functioning of the rolling bearing in the work to allow a slight noise, if you have any abnormal noise or excessive noise or sound, suggests that the bearing failure. Cause noise of rolling bearings is more complex, one is the bearing inner and outer surface wear. Due to the wear and tear, damage to the bearings and shell, railway bearings and shaft cooperate relationship, lead to axis deviation from the correct position, when axis at high speed movement produces sound. When the bearing fatigue, its surface metal flake, also can make INA bearing radial clearance increases produce sound. In addition, the bearing lubrication, forms the dry friction, and bearing broken etc all make abnormal noise. Bearing wear loose after kuang, maintains a looseness damage, also can produce sound. 1. Bearing maintenance & # 8226; Maintenance essentials of maintenance and repair for as long as possible in good condition to maintain bearing state, originally need arrangement for maintenance overhaul in order to prevent accident, to ensure the reliability of operation, improve the productivity and economy. To maintain the best conditions of mechanical operation of the corresponding operation standard, on a regular basis. Content includes monitor running status, supplement or replacement of lubricants, remove the check on a regular basis. ( 1) Running state overhaul the rotary sound of INA bearings, vibration, temperature maintenance and lubricant condition on the properties of maintenance, judgment, supplement or replacement period of lubricant. ( 2) Bearing maintenance in making preventive maintenance and replacement of mechanical, to remove the railway bearing full observation, of rail surface conditions and presence of lesions, can use to confirm again. 2. Running state of equipment running in overhaul project including the rotary bearing the sound, vibration, temperature, the condition of the lubricant, etc. ( 1) Bearing of rotary sound clinical hydrophone is used to survey the size of the noise and sound quality. Even if a handful of railway bearing fatigue spalling in a state of anomalies and irregular, and if skilled is also possible to listen to. The typical abnormal sound like page (shown in 2) Bearing vibration using the bearing vibration generator, quantitative analysis of the vibration amplitude, frequency, etc. , thus infer the bearing damage condition. But because the INA bearing different using conditions and determination of the location, it is necessary to use mechanical measurements, decided to determine the benchmark. ( 3) Bearing temperature | bearing temperature after operation began to slowly rise, usually after a period of time to reach saturation. Constant temperature of railway bearing due to mechanical heat capacity, heat quantity, speed and load. Bearing temperature before the saturation state and abnormal rises, consider the following pages is shown in reason, stop and take the necessary measures. ( 4) Lubrication investigation of grease and lubricating oil in use for to understand the status of the railway bearing operation is effective. Of course from the moisture content, sundry, iron powder and so on to judge the grease or oil leakage, discoloration, and degradation. Believe that there is a lubricant leakage and iron powder, metal powder mixed with situations such as a foreign body, regularly for leakage, INA bearing temperature and vibration, quantitative observation, if think there are abnormal, early maintenance.
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