INA imported bearing damage preventive maintenance countermeasures - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
Rolling bearing, if there is no wrong choice can be used correctly, until the INA imported bearing life, can use for a long time, in this case, the damage status to divest. On the other hand, there are unexpected injury earlier, and yield to the early damage of use, as the reasons of early damage, not enough to use scare the consideration on the lubrication and, in turn, and foreign invasion, INA imported bearing assembly error and axis deflection of large, not enough research on shaft and bearing box, etc. It can be said that these reasons the situation more overlap each other. So, want to use machine to fully understand the bearing, using conditions, INA bearing import peripheral structure based on, if we can find out before and after the accident situation, again according to the damage of the bearing and a variety of reasons, can prevent the similar accidents from happening again. Preventive maintenance of equipment, operation and peripheral parts replaced was removed when bearing inspection, judge can use or using again as a condition of good from bad. Carefully investigate and record the INA bearing and appearance of were removed, in order to explore the residual amount of investigation and lubricant, after sampling, to clean the bearing well. Second check the raceway surface, rolling surface and cooperate with the surface condition and wear conditions of cage without damage and anomalies. Judge INA imported bearing can use again, to the extent of the damage in considering bearing, machine performance, importance, and operation conditions, such as inspection period to decide later. Test results, if found damage and abnormal situations, bearing injury section for find out the reason, make the countermeasure. In addition, the test results, there are some defects, if the bearing can't use, need to replace new INA import bearings. 一个。 Inner and outer ring, rolling body, to keep any of them are cracks and debris. b。 Inner and outer ring, rolling body any one strip. c。 Raceway surface, guard, significant injury of roller. d。 Maintains a badly worn or loose rivet badly. e. Raceway surface, rust and roller has a scar. f。 Had a remarkable indentation rolling surface, rolling body and make a mark. g。 Inner ring diameter or outer diameter on the creep. h。 Discoloration of overheating. 我。 Sealed bearing grease sealing and dust cover breakage to serious.
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