IKO spindle bearing selection problems that should pay attention to use grease - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
In order to better play to the best condition, the stand or fall of IKO bearing selection directly related to the stable operation of the equipment. The choice of machine tool spindle bearing grease must consider from the following aspects: 1. Rust inhibitor is best can not dissolve in water. Grease should have good adhesion, used in the machine tool spindle bearing grease must have antirust effect. And a layer of oil film can be formed in the steel surface. 2. Cause leakage. During normal operation, oil will become soft in machining. Grease the flyflap to IKO bearings. If the mechanical stability of the oil is insufficient, operation process, can make the structure of the soap grease mechanical disruption of oil was damage, and loss of lubrication. 3. Bearing operation process, the oil seal is necessary and the maintenance of the machine tool spindle bearing lubricant from the barrier of external contamination. Regardless of sundry or moisture can penetrate IKO bearings, in case of causing damage to it. Have a bearing on the correct device goes is the longest service life of the important factors. At the same time, must pay attention to the purity of the bearing, bearing of correctness and choose the proper installation and maintenance tools. In addition, the bearings must prevent contamination by pollutants and moisture, and ensure the right device and lubrication. Therefore, the design of the bearing arrangement, the condition of the oil seal, type of lubricants and lubrication cycle, and special care are the same and important role. Of course, if the imported bearing working speed is very low, and need to work in pollution and humid environment, preferably in IKO filling grease in the bearing seat. Especially in the vertical shaft or the application of axis tilted at a certain Angle. As well as the role of sealing grease, can prevent contaminants, moisture or water effect on the bearing. But if too much grease, can lead to machine tool spindle bearing operating temperature rise, especially in the application of high speed. In most cases, only in the beginning stages can completely fill the bearing grease, while filling the right amount of grease in the bearing seat and had some free space. Before fully achieve work speed, must let too much grease in the running-in stage discharge IKO bearings, make the right amount of grease in the bearing. When working temperature decreased obviously, said with bearing grease, and evenly distributed in the configuration of the bearing.
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