IKO outer spherical bearing failure - bearing of prediction and prevention knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
1. Prediction, prevention of premature failure of the bearing in important ways of mechanical equipment service life of the Chinese and foreign spherical bearing is an important indicator, to understand and master the IKO bearing working condition, forecast, prevention of premature failure of the bearing is necessary. Usually has the following main way. ( 1) The use of advanced technology, improve the bearing life and reliability. Including the reform of structure optimization design, processing technology, material selection and refined, high efficient degree of lubrication, fine assembly and installation, and so on. ( 2) Strengthen bearing products quality inspection and supervision, to ensure the quality of outer spherical bearing products meet the requirements of relevant standards or design. ( 3) To strengthen the monitoring and diagnosis of IKO bearing working condition, early detection is unusual, adopt preventive measures to prevent sudden accidents may cause great losses. 2. Fault diagnosis system of modern IKO bearing fault diagnosis technology, and precision of testing system and monitoring means together. At present more mature detection system in practical application are the following. ( 1) Lateral bearing pulse vibration device bearing fatigue wear ( Or fatigue spalling) To produce vibration, the receiver will mechanical pulse signal is converted to electrical signals and amplification. When the pulse number is beyond the normal range to mutations, immediately report to the police, outer spherical bearing. ( 2) Bearing temperature alarm device IKO bearing lubrication, surface wear or fatigue can make surface heat, when the temperature of the heating to a certain limit, the alarm, and stop running bearing. ( 3) Periodically bearing in the operation of the state at the time, or monitor for defects is development trend. ( 4) Ferrographic diagnosis timing extraction work outside the spherical bearing grease samples, iron spectrometer is used to inspect the grinding grain number, size and shape characteristic, can find out the degree of fatigue and wear and tear, found signs of IKO bearing failure.
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