Identification and bearing FAG bearing quality technique - bearing maintenance knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
1. Packaging is clear: ordinary things, are factory brand has its own special preset positions of foreign packaging as the default, and resettlement produce factory pass the condition of the manufacturing yield, because no matter from line to this packaging color piece is very clear, unambiguous. Seal character is clear: in FAG bearing body would be printed with brand, label, etc. Font is very small, but most are produced by the factory using the steel seal technology, and without pressure, through heat treatment before performing because the font is small, concave deeper, though, is clear. And pretend to be counterfeit products font not only dimly, because of printing technology exquisite, font floating in appearance, a bit even casually can be erased by hand. 2. Whether there are miscellaneous ring: FAG bearing body with his left hand, right toggle coat to make it spin, listen to its hybrid ring. Lag because most fake fake product yield condition, the absolute hand office lane type operation, hard to avoid in the process of producing will be mixed into the sand kind of impurity, hidden in the bearing body, so the time will send out mixed ring rotation. This is fruit and strict execution standard, besides use machine operation is the biggest different between factory brand. If there is a cloudy appearance oil: this when buying FAG bearings shall be believing. Because domestic antirust technology also 3 so far. Not especially at home, so the bearing body of the antirust treatment and it is easy to leave the thick oil stains, take in charge in the thick thick, and overseas original bearing on almost can't see the remnants of anti-rust oil, it is especially close with your heart experts say FAG bearing smell a smell, must be under the anti-rust oil, just can't see. Chamfering whether average: bearing chamfer, horizontal plane and vertical plane is the place to pretend to be bearing because the yield limit of the technology of imitation, in the fringes of disposal was unsatisfactory. For as long as possible in good condition to maintain original performance, FAG bearing arrangement must be maintenance, repair, in order to prevent accident, to ensure reliability of the operation, increase productivity and economy. To maintain the best conditions of mechanical operation of the corresponding operation standard, on a regular basis. Content includes monitor running status, supplement or replacement of lubricants, remove the check on a regular basis. As maintenance issues in the operation, have bearing the rotation of the sound, vibration, temperature, the state of the lubricants and so on. FAG bearings cleaning: removing FAG bearings under repair, first record the appearance of the bearing, confirm the residual stock of lubricant, sampling inspection with lubricant, bearing. Common use gasoline, kerosene as a cleaning agent. Tear open come down to FAG bearings cleaning, rough washing and fine washing, respectively in the container, put a metal mesh bottom first, FAG bearings from direct contact with dirt from the container. Coarse when cleaning, if to spin bearing with dirt, can damage the bearing rolling surface, should be pay attention to. In coarse clean oil, use a brush to remove grease, adhesive, after clean, roughly into fine cleaning). Fine cleaning, bearing side rotation in the cleaning of oil, while carefully cleaned. In addition, the clean oil is always kept clean. FAG bearing inspection and judgment: in order to judge whether the bearing of the removed can use, check bearing after washing clean. Check the raceway surface, rolling surface, cooperate with the state, the abrasion of cage, FAG bearing clearance increases and has nothing to do with dimension precision falling damage, abnormal. Non separation of small ball bearings, with one hand will support level, the inner ring spinning confirm whether smooth outer ring. Separation of tapered roller bearings and bearing, rolling body, the outer ring raceway surface can be respectively. Large bearing can't rotate with the hand, pay attention to check the rolling element and raceway surface, cage, guard surface appearance, such as the importance of bearing high must check carefully.
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