Grease to fag needle roller one-way bearing surface strengthening the importance of knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Using solid-state phase transformation, surface layer of parts by using the method of rapid heating treatment called surface quenching heat treatment, commonly known as surface hardening. Including flame heating quenching, high ( C) Frequency induction heating quenching, laser heating or electron beam heating quenching, etc. The characteristics of these methods are: local heating surface quenching, workpiece deformation; Heating speed, high production efficiency; Short heating time, the surface oxidation decarburization is very slight. By mechanical method of plastic deformation in the metal surface, so as to form a hardening layer with high hardness and high strength, this kind of surface strengthening method called surface deformation strengthening, also known as work hardening. Including shot peening, sandblasting, cold extrusion, rolling, cold grinding and impact and explosion shock processing, etc. The characteristics of these methods are: strengthening layer increased dislocation density, the crystal structure refinement, so that the hardness and strength increased, the surface roughness value decreases, and can significantly increase the surface fatigue strength of parts and reduce fatigue notch sensitivity. This process is simple, effective reinforcement method, there is no obvious boundaries between hardening layer and matrix, the coherent structure and not easy to fall off in use. Its most method has been applied in the bearing industry: roller surface strengthening is the application of this kind of method, precision rolling has become a new ring processing and strengthening method. The evaporative (fag bearing grease C) Said in the long-term use under condition of high temperature grease, grease oil volatilization, evaporative as small as possible. The evaporative mainly depends on the nature of the lubricating oil and fat fractions. Oxidation stability is refers to the grease when used in long-term storage or long-term high temperature resistance to heat and oxygen, permanent changes in their ability to maintain its nature will not occur. Due to oxidation, are often free alkali content reduced or free organic acid content increases, drop point drop, dark appearance, appear different smell, consistency, ultimate strength, similar viscosity decreased, generated corrosive product and destroy the material of grease, soap oil separation. In long-term storage of grease, therefore, should be stored in dry and ventilated environment, prevent sun, and shall regularly check free base or free change of the project such as organic acid, corrosion resistance, to ensure its quality and performance. Check the fag bearing, don't let the needle roller one-way bearing exposure to pollutants or moisture environment. If the job is interrupted, should with oil film, paper or similar material by machine. If without disassembly and may perform inspection of cleaning without masking needle roller one-way bearing, to coating with brush with petroleum solvent ( 白酒) Cleaning and dry with a lint-free cloth or with compressed air to blow dry, Be careful not to let fag bearing component starting rotation) 。 Do not clean the encrypted block or dust fag bearing; You just wipe the outer surface. If the needle roller one-way bearing is need to replace damaged situation.
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