Grease effect - bearing to bearing operation requirement knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
The types and grades of bearing grease is various, classification method also has many kinds, some according to the classification of base oil composition, such as divided into oil grease synthetic grease; Some classification according to the use, such as divided into anti-friction grease, protective fat and seal fat; Some according to grease a feature category, such as high temperature grease, hardy fat and extreme pressure grease, etc. Grease the thickener types, is the main factor that decides the working performance of the grease. Now the several types of the bearing grease properties are briefly introduced. ( 1) Hydrocarbon with ozocerite grease thickened called hydroxyl grease base oil made of grease. Have good plasticity, chemical stability and colloidal stability, insoluble in water, water does not produce emulsification. Its defect is low melting point, hydroxyl grease is mainly used as protection. ( 2) Soap grease soap grease grease production accounted for about 90%, the most widely used. The most commonly used calcium, sodium, lithium base, calcium sodium based, composite calcium base grease, etc. Composite aluminum and complex lithium grease also occupies certain proportion, the two kinds of fat is promising. ( 3) Inorganic bentonite main grease grease and two kinds of silicone grease. Silicone grease is a surface modified silicone grease made of gelled methyl silicone oil, can be used for electrical insulation and vacuum sealing. Bentonite is by table silicone grease grease is consists of surface active agent ( Such as eighteen alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride or amino acid amine) After processing of organic bentonite gelled different viscosity oil lubricating oil or synthetic lubricants, suitable for automobile chassis, wheel bearing and high temperature parts lubrication of bearings. ( 4) Organic all kinds of organic compounds thickened oil lubricating oil or grease synthetic lubricants, each with different characteristics, most of these grease for special purposes. Such as indanthrene, phthalein bronze in thick oil made from high temperature grease can be used in 200 ~ 250 ℃; Fluoride thickener such as ptfe gelled fluorocarbon compounds or grease made of perfluorinated ether, resistant to strong oxidizer, as a special part of lubrication. And like a polyurea grease can be used to resist radiation under the conditions of bearing lubrication, etc. The basic properties of the bearing of solid lubricant has the following requirements: ( 1) Can have protection and friction surface firmly attached on the surface of function. ( 2) With lower shear strength. ( 3) Good stability, including physical and thermal stability, chemical heat stability, ageing stability and does not produce corrosion and other harmful effects. ( 4) Bearing solid lubricant has higher bearing capacity. Due to bearing solid lubricant can't like lubricating oil can be put on the friction interface friction heat derived part, and in the process of using hard to complement, so in selection should be based on the characteristics of solid lubricant, when considering the corresponding remedial measures.
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