Er ladder er bearing vibration simple exclusion skills - bearing temperature anomalies

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
In the process of er ladder er bearing use often have customers reflect the temperature will be abnormal when bearing vibration. According to the interpretation of this bearing group technology factors are the following: general bearing temperature rises with the increase in the speed of the bearing. And in the stable operation of 1 - Two hours later the stable temperature is reached. A major determinant of bearing temperature has a lot of, such as speed, lubricating oil, load, foreign invasion and so on. If you find the above situation must stop and take the necessary checks. Suggest customers to use thermal device at any time monitoring well ladder bearing operating temperature. If the bearing temperature for a long time even the transfer of more than 125 ℃ lower bearing life. The causes of bearing high temperature including: lubrication inadequate or excessive lubrication, the lubricant. Contains impurities, heavy load, K ring bearing damage, lack of clearance, and so on. If it isn't found in time and to cause bearing damaged. So the continuity of bearing temperature monitoring is necessary, whether measured bearing itself or other important parts. If it is on the basis of the operating conditions, the temperature change of any fault has occurred. Bearing if produce abnormal vibrations in the running, easy to make its produce damage. Specific include spalling damage, indentation damage and crack damage, such as abnormal wear damage phenomenon. So by the size of the bearing vibration meter can measure the vibration, the measured value of er ladder er bearing or sensor installation position and different using conditions, we suggest the customer records in advance under the normal operation of the machine number, convenient for comparative analysis. The first: observation bearing if get good lubrication and the correct cut off impurities and moisture, said oil seal should not wear. However, when open the bearing box, best to visual inspection of bearings and periodically check the oil seal. Check of the condition of the near the bearing oil seal to ensure that they are enough to prevent hot liquids or corrosion along the axis of the liquid or gas seeping into the bearings. Protection ring and labyrinth seal grease should be applied to ensure that its biggest protection. If oil seal was worn, it should be replaced as soon as possible. The second: listen to use to identify hearing well ladder bearing is properly functioning and this is one of the most useful method. If the bearing is in good operation condition will be low whimpering sound. If a sharp hissing sound, make sound, and other irregular usually said bearing in the operation condition of bad.
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