Converter bearing wearing - bearing at the site of the knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Found in the inspection process of converter drive side bearing a badly worn with bearing on both sides of the seal failure, thus resulting in bearing abnormal sound equipment in operation process, the rotation is beating equipment safety hidden trouble. Converter bearing wear a cause analysis refers to the cylinder can be titled oxygen blowing of converter steel container. Furnace body rotating for blown steel or converting matte smelting furnace. Converter furnace with steel plate, cylindrical, lining refractories, blowing by chemical reaction heat when heating, without additional heat source, is one of the most important steelmaking equipment, can also be used for copper and nickel smelting. Converter mainly liquid pig iron for steelmaking process. Its main features are: on physical heat and liquid pig iron is usually charged in pig iron components ( Such as carbon, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, etc. ) And sent into the oxygen in the heat generated by the chemical reaction, make the metal to achieve the requirements of the steel composition and temperature. Charge mainly for molten iron and slag ( Such as limestone, quartz, fluorite, etc. ) , to adjust the temperature, can add scrap and a small amount of cold iron block and ore, etc. Converter steel-making enterprises generally larger, though rarely turn full circle, in the process of work quickly, since the major, but tapping frequency on the strength of the support bearing the demand is higher, is often combined bearings to meet the demands for field assembly. Because the bearing seat close to the converter, radiant heat around under severe has a thermal stress effect on the spindle the metal components, and the steel slag splashing around for sealing material failure further cause damage to the bearing raceway, the bearing card and journal bearing relative motion that appear after the death of wear and tear. Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer repair technology online repair converter bearing wear of converter production operation process has its particularity, belong to the reciprocating rotation, this case caused by shaft neck lower wear serious upper wear lighter, the formation of eccentric wear. Sauvy industrial carbon nanometer polymer repair technology is the use of carbon nanotubes unique mechanical properties of polymer materials and corresponding repair process online repair of large axle, including steel converter, wear and tear. Simple repair technology: using the unworn journal standard size to restore worn parts diameter size. Its advantage is sticky relay good, has the good pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and have metal comprehensive mechanics performance of elastic deformation, etc, which can realize the online repair, repair of high efficiency, no need to equipment of disassembly, usually eight hours to complete the repair. Sauvy carbon nano polymer repair technology field repair converter bearing wear images
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