Commonly used type - bearing grease

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
1. Calcium base grease both ordinary call the grease of butter. In the most widely used in automobile repair industry grease. The grease is the technology of the 1930 s. In developed countries is already belong to the elimination of the product. Due to the low price is widely used in the automobile repair industry. It is strongly recommended that not to use this kind of product. At least not in their use of the car. 2. Graphite calcium base grease is usually black, this is because in the grease joined a percentage of the flake graphite, with good water resistance and rolling resistance. Especially suitable for used in automobile steel plate after lubrication. Related aspects of the experiment proved that the graphite calcium base grease grease lubrication of auto leaf spring is using common butter lubrication life more than double. Suggest cutting car juyou don't adopt ordinary butter lubrication rear wheel steel. 3. Gm lithium base grease which is widely used for modern automobile industry a grease. Has the long life, good resistance to water effect and lubrication characteristics with good effect. Replace the product is common butter. For the most part can be used for auto lubrication. Its service life is twice the calcium base grease. 4. Extreme pressure lithium complex grease which is a higher than general lithium grease has extreme pressure and anti-wear grease. It is important to note as lubricant grease with brands to suitable for different environment temperature and conditions of use. As a general rule, the larger the number the more sticky. Usually the south throughout the year can use 2 #, the northern winter available 1 #. 3 # is only applicable to tropical heavy-duty vehicles. Strictly speaking, of course, the choice of the grease is affected and restricted by other factors.
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