Common auto water pump fault symptoms, these problems don't careless, check - bearing knowledge quickly

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Car in the process of running engine combustion will produce a lot of heat, but the engine can't temperature is exorbitant, otherwise there will be a cracking deformation, oil problem such as poor lubrication, wear increase, shorten the service life of the engine. So it is important to cool the engine, the engine cylinder block has a lot of cooling water circulation channel, the nozzle on the engine is equipped with water pump, through the fan belt drive, then the channels of heat pump, cooling water pump, to keep the engine at a certain temperature range. The engine cooling water circulation generally has two loops: the pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation. When the car has just started, it is in the pulmonary circulation state, to keep the engine temperature to 80 degrees (as soon as possible Different models according to the set temperature is different) , the thermostat open working state, the car into the systemic circulation cooling system, through the water tanks and radiator to rapid cooling of the engine cooling fluid, and fail to keep the engine from overheating. Pump plays a key role, when occurrence problem of water pump, will affect the normal operation of the cooling system, in general the pump broken have the following symptoms: 1, idle speed auto water pump is connected with the belt to the cold water pumped from the tank to the engine for cooling, if the pump rotation appear problem, will directly affect the speed of engine, then is the problem of the speed, this phenomenon is generally characterized by the vehicle speed before and after the start beating is not stable, if the resistance is very big and even will cause the engine stalled. 2, water pump leaking of water pump leakage is more common, mainly because the seal is in place, it near the engine water pump leaking. Leakage coolant cooling fluid in the pump shaft color marks, lead to a lack of coolant temperature after higher symptoms appear, while the cooling fluid leakage into the water pump bearings, the bearing lubricant on the scour, cause the damage of bearing wear. 3, if noise phenomenon in normal times there is an obvious noise phenomenon observed in auto water pump, so at this time is likely to pump has been damaged, and the cause of the noise is inside the bearing damage or loose impeller appeared, out of the rotation noise phenomenon.
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